Myounghoon Jang
Our Founder And CEO


Myounghoon Jang, our Founder and CEO, grew up with an innate sense of curiosity and drive for innovation. After attending Korea University and the Wharton School of Business, he landed jobs at top innovating companies including Samsung and McKinsey. Throughout his decades climbing the ranks in the Tech Industry, Mr. Jang developed a deep love and understanding for cutting-edge technologies that amplify the human experience.


After a very personal experience with his mother in the hospital, Mr. Jang realized that he felt a deep calling to innovate within the medical space. Calling on his network of Globally Acclaimed Doctors and Experts from Samsung, Seoul University, and beyond, he created Biosensor Laboratories Inc. With an initial $10 M investment for Research & Development, this multidisciplinary team pioneered and patented the World’s First Non-Invasive Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS).

Franz Skincare Mission
Myounghoon Jang Our Founder and CEO of Franz Skincare
Myounghoon Jang and Franz Skincare


Mr. Jang and the BioSensor team quickly realized that beyond its unparalleled medical applications, TDDS could also revolutionize the way we look at skincare. Using this patented delivery method, key ingredients could be delivered to multiple layers of skin - allowing for deep healing to happen from within.

After years of collaborative development, taking inspiration from nature while embracing cutting-edge technology, the world’s First Water-Powered Microcurrent Facial Mask came to fruition. Bringing the facelift home, with no needles, no downtime. This coveted mask has sold out many times and is now a “cult classic” within the beauty industry.

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With a commitment to innovation, Mr. Jang and BioSensor Laboratories did not just stop there. Since their inception 5 years ago, the team has secured over 10+ patents and their work has been featured in 12+ medical journals and peer-reviewed studies, including the prestigious American Chemical Association.
With a rich product catalog of over 20 clinically-proven products, Franz Skincare is ushering in a new age of beauty. Mr. Jang and the team continue to develop and formulate products that combine dermatology, pharmacy, chemistry, life science, chemical, bio and medical engineering to deliver real results. Always following the science, Mr. Jang, BioSensor and Franz Skincare are on a never-ending quest for answers to humans' most pressing skin questions.