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Our Founder and CEO

Myounghoon Jang
Our Founder and CEO

Myounghoon Jang Our Founder and CEO of Franz Skincare

Myounghoon Jang
Our Founder and CEO

Myounghoon Jang, our Founder and CEO, grew up with an innate sense of curiosity and drive to innovation.

His passion to develop simplified yet powerful skincare technology began with his mother. By her side at the hospital, he’d help her wash her face and apply her skincare, amazed at the instant transformation this small act of self-care brought to her mood and energy.

Witnessing her glow restored—a tearful joy and calm reflected back at her in the mirror—he was forever changed. He embarked on a global voyage to apply advanced science to skincare, connecting with engineers, researchers, and beauty professionals along the way.

Embracing a new era of beauty, Jang believed that maximizing the delivery of active ingredients and formulas into the skin was key—yet it had to be easy and accessible to all.

After years of development backed by $10 million dollars of research, he found the answer, and the world’s first microcurrent facial mask utilizing green technology was born.

Spending years in technology consulting, Mr. Jang was immersed in finding the most cutting- edge solutions for his clients. However, his inspiration for starting FRANZ Skincare came from emotion. Spending time by his mother’s side at the hospital, he witnessed the uplifting and strong effects of simple self-care while helping her apply her skincare. Sharing these tender moments, seeing her smile and glow return from such an “every day” ritual, he was forever changed.

While our products are based in technology, our vision was based on the simple act of giving and enlightening our customer’s day, a very human aspiration.

Myounghoon Jang and Franz Skincare
2020 award winning skincare line - Franz Skincare

Mr. Jang recognized that time should be cherished. He wanted to embark on a new era of beauty, to bring spa results home, and make products easy to use while also delivering scientifically proven long-term results.

After years of collaborative development, taking inspiration from nature while embracing cutting-edge technology, the world’s first eco-powered microcurrent facial mask came to fruition. Bringing the facelift home, with no needles, no downtime, and matching your inner and outer glow.

Aesthetic Everything Awards

Myounghoon "Matt" Jang, CEO FRANZ Skincare, and Terri Seymour at The Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo where Franz Skincare USA won the "Top Skincare Face Mask" for the second year in a row.

Aesthetic Everything Awards

Franz Skincare Logo

Tissue X Technology

Microcurrent and Skincare
Microcurrent can control ion channels within skin cells, thus allowing for the passage of key ingredients and enhancing skin absorption rate in result.

Premium Skincare Ingredients

Formula specialized for better skin absorption
The special formula of Franz Skincare containing selected ingredients such as lower molecular hyaluronic acid and ceramide NP enhance the efficacy of microcurrent mask.

Product Effectiveness

Clinical Results
Visual Examination of Skin Improvement Continuity Test by Dermatologists showed FRANZ improved skin 95%

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