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Special Father's Day Gift Ideas: Why Dads Need Skincare Too

Special Father's Day Gift Ideas: Why Dads Need Skincare Too - Franz Skincare USA

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  • The men in our lives are often the hardest to buy for — and Father’s Day is no exception. If you’re unsure what to get your dad, husband, or partner this year, consider something a little different: a skincare gift.

    Dads deserve quality skincare just like the rest of us. Thankfully, beauty for men is less taboo than it used to be. But it’s still worth noting that healthy skin is important regardless of gender. And skincare products provide a personal touch in dad might not think to get for himself.

    Aging happens to everyone, but we can do things to slow the process and feel our bests at any number. Skincare gifts can help dad feel more youthful and more energized with a fantastic present he doesn’t have to think about for himself.

    Skincare Gifts for Dads
  • Why Skincare Gifts Are Ideal for Dads

    Skincare products and gift sets are perfect for the dad who has everything. Or the dad who wants nothing. Or maybe the father in your life who’s happy to embrace a skincare routine and would love some high-quality products.
    No matter the type of father, skin-related gifts make a person feel special. And if you know your dad’s skin type or any skin-related concerns, you can find a perfect match in serums, masks, and more.
    So, with the above in mind, let’s jump into it. Here are some father’s day skincare gift ideas for this year’s unique and meaningful present.

  • Energizing Face Serum for Men

    Energizing Face Serum for Men

    Face serums like Homme Care Men’s Super Energizing Face Serum work for men who are entirely new to skincare or old pros.
    Since serums are lighter and more concentrated than creams, they absorb quickly, and you only need a few drops. You’ll also notice a difference sooner.
    Serums help men’s skin through:

  • Daily hydration

    Daily hydration

    Activating collagen production

    Activating collagen production

    Smoothing out wrinkles

    Smoothing out wrinkles

    Lessening red spots  and undereye circles

    Lessening red spots
    and undereye circles

  • These are all processes the skin needs to look younger, smoother, and brighter. Serums also help protect against external stressors, which is exceptional for men who work in harsher environments.

    The Homme Care serum contains a Hyaluronic Acid Complex that penetrates the upper and lower skin levels for maximum hydration. It’s an instant boost of moisture and nutrients for healthier, more youthful skin.

  • Anti-Aging Face Masks for Men

    Anti-Aging Face Masks for Men

    Face masks are for everyone (and every gender). They’re simple treatments that help hydrate, get rid of impurities, and handle excess oils.

    The Homme Care Men’s Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask does all of the above and more. It uses FRANZ Skincare’s Tissue X® microcurrent technology to firm and tighten skin. This clinically proven technology tackles fine lines and wrinkles right at home. Protein in the formula also promotes collagen production to heal skin and reverse aging signs.

    The two-layer mask also contains Oligo Hyaluronic Acid molecules, which are small enough to penetrate all skin layers for ultimate moisture and youthful appearance.

    Give the man in your life a science-based skincare product that is easy to use for Father’s Day. Even if they don’t know much about skin health, we know they’ll appreciate the results.

  • Face Masks for Men with Beards

    Face Masks for Men with Beards

    If you’ve written off a face mask because the man in your life has a beard, not so fast — there’s a skincare product for them, too! The Men’s Beard Dual Mask was made specifically for those with facial hair.

    The coating of this mask is designed with stronger, safe adhesion to account for beards and other facial hair. You get the toning, tightening, and healing benefits of a Franz face mask without worrying about hair interference.

  • Mask Face Liners

    Mask Face Liners

    Here’s a unique Father’s Day gift idea that fits our current times: mask face liners!

    Wearing face masks has taken a toll on our skin over the past year. Both men and women struggle with the dreaded “maskne” (acne from wearing a mask). Thankfully, there are solutions that also make a unique gift.

    The Skin Saver Maskne Prevention Mask Liner provides a simple way to prevent acne-causing bacteria and rubbing. The mask protects from oil and bacteria that can build up and cause cystic acne on the face. With the liner, you can keep your face dry and free from harmful bacteria.

    The mask liner also protects the skin from friction and does not cause fogging for those who wear glasses. You simply wear the antimicrobial cloth liner under your mask, and it’s easily washable before the next wear. It absorbs and releases moisture while keeping your skin cool, dry, and healthy.

  • Men’s Skincare Gift Set

    Men’s Skincare Gift Set

    Consider combining a few skincare products for a Father’s Day gift set.

    The Men’s 2-Week Dual Mask System contains

    ● Four treatments of the Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask
    ● One Super Energizing Face Serum

    As with everything else above, this set is formulated just for men. The weekly mask treatments provide hydration, skin-healthy nutrition, and Tissue X® technology. The face serum (just a few drops day and night) maintains smooth and robust skin to bolster aging-related changes.

  • Other Skincare Gift Ideas for Dad

    Other Skincare Gift Ideas for Dad

    If you still need ideas or want something to pair with a product from above, here are some more skin-related Father’s Day gift ideas:

    Shaving gift kit
    Beard care kit
    Moisture-wicking sheets
    Essential oil shaving cream
    Hotel-quality bathrobe
    Bath salts
    Hair pomade
    Sandalwood candle

    Don’t discount the power of skincare health for men. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and that doesn’t stop at feminine energy. A skincare gift for Father’s Day can give dad something he’ll really appreciate (and didn’t know he needed).

  • Ground-Breaking Skincare Technology for Men

    FRANZ Skincare combines science with skincare for products that get results. We’ve created a line specifically for men and their skin-related concerns. Our groundbreaking Tissue X® technology is clinically proven to reduce signs of aging, and our products go below the surface for the healing, soothing hydration skin needs.

    Our products are also:

    Not tested on animals
    Dermatologist tested and approved
    For all skin types
    Oil-free and non-comedogenic

    To view our entire men’s line for Father’s Day gift ideas and more, shop our Men’s Skincare options here.