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The Biggest At-Home Skincare Breakthrough of 2020

The Biggest At-Home Skincare Breakthrough of 2020 - Franz Skincare USA

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What are the Biggest Skincare Breakthroughs & Trends of 2020

2020 is a very memorable year to most of us. There are some hiccups in our daily lives and some of our paths are re-routed due to the circumstances that are happening in our surroundings. Franz Skincare is focused on its mission in research and development in order to develop the most state-of-the art skin care products that are not only top-notch in terms of quality; but they are also most convenient and user-friendly to be consumed at home.

Franz Skincare created and introduced more than a dozen of the most effective skin care products that are irreplaceable! Whether you are concerned with aging, troubled-skin, dehydration, firmness of the skin or dull skin, our scientists at Franz Skincare have spent over seven years of rigorous research and studies to provide a solution that ensures scientifically- and clinically-proven results.

Patented Tissue X™ Technology

While many brands claim to have ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, they lack the diligent evidence that all layers of skin could absorb most of the nutrition from their skincare products. Franz Skincare has a superior skincare product line because we have spent over 8 years and U.S. $10 million in bioscience technology. We invented an innovative, yet natural technology through iontophoresis microcurrent for skincare masks that are years ahead of today’s skincare science.

In collaboration with 7 top major science institutes, including the Samsung Hospital in Seoul (Korea), Tissue X™ Technology was developed to enhance the absorption of skincare ingredients to each layer of the skin through microcurrent technology. Iontophoresis Treatment, the most common microcurrent technology-driven method, is widely used by doctors, skincare professionals and practitioners around the world. In a typical treatment, they apply devices, tools, or electric equipment. These treatments are lengthy, time-consuming, and could be overpriced for some consumers. 

Franz Skincare offers solutions for various skin problems or concerns. From our best-selling JET Microcurrent facial dual mask for deep hydration and rejuvenation to catering to a product specific to the neck area, we promise our products would deliver results that translate to a real difference in your skin health.

FRANZ Premium Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

FRANZ Neck Care Microcurrent Dual MaskRecently awarded by New Beauty as one of the most innovative skincare products in the beauty industry, Franz Premium Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask is perfect for those who are looking for the most luxury and effective facial treatment at home. Powered by the cutting-edge Tissue X™ Technology, potent age-defying ingredients Ceramide, Liposomal Vitamins, and other powerful peptides are able to be absorbed by skin cells at all layers of skin within 30-minutes of the facial treatment. 

If you have dull, dehydrated skin and you’d like to boost the radiant level of your complexion, FRANZ Premium Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask would be your best at-home skin care item and it could replace your regular visits to the spa. The 3-step application is simple and the results are promising.  The J.S. Hamilton performed an independent study to 25 participants and the test proved that the mask improved multiple skin concerns including moisturization, firmness and elasticity. It was also proven to reduce the appearance of lengths and depths of wrinkles.

FRANZ Neck Care Microcurrent Dual Mask

Neck Care Microcurrent Dual Mask (2 SETS)  (58)The neck is often the area that we neglect the most when it comes to skincare. Without proper care, neck lines are formed when we are always looking down on our phone and tablets, being exposed to UV rays and pollution, and bad gestures during our sleep. Franz Skincare recognized the need to protect the skin in our neck area and introduced the popular Franz Neck Care Microcurrent Dual Mask

Packed with Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate and Hydrolyzed Collagen and activated by Franz patented technology, this mask comfortably hugs your neck and hydrates fine lines. It gently compresses nutrients that would help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, dark and age spots, and dehydration. It also stimulates collagen production to guard against future damages.

 Franz Wrinkle Away Red Microcurrent Dual Eye Mask

FRANZ Wrinkle Away RED Microcurrent Dual Eye Mask (3 SETS)

Your eye area needs special attention because the thickness of the skin here is different from other parts of the face. Over a hundred of doctors are recommending Franz Wrinkle Away Red Microcurrent Dual Eye Masks to their patients because this is the only eye mask with the microcurrent treatment that does not require the use of additional devices or electricity. 

With regular use of Franz eye masks, the skin area around the eyes would be visibly brightener and firmer. At the most recent LA Fashion Week, the Franz Wrinkle Away Red Microcurrent Dual Eye Masks were chosen to be the official sponsored gift for A-listers and top models!

Franz Skincare Wrinkle Away Red Microcurrent Dual Eye Masks