Our Story

After a very personal experience with his mother in the hospital, Mr. Jang realized that he felt a deep calling to innovate within the medical space. Calling on his network of Globally Acclaimed Doctors and Experts from Samsung, Seoul University, and beyond, he created Biosensor Laboratories Inc. With an initial $10 M investment for Research & Development, this multidisciplinary team pioneered and patented the World’s First Non-Invasive Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS).

Our Mission

Our mission is to create at-home skin treatments that create lasting change. Topical delivery methods are just that, surface level and do not offer lasting results. We strive to send nutrients and healing ingredients deep inside the inner skin where all long-term skin reconstruction and regeneration occurs. We combine dermatology, pharmacy, chemistry, life science, chemical, bio and medical engineering to deliver results that are literally healing your skin from within.


Myounghoon Jang, our Founder and CEO, grew up with an innate sense of curiosity and drive for innovation. After attending Korea University and the Wharton School of Business, he landed jobs at top innovating companies including Samsung and McKinsey. Throughout his decades climbing the ranks in the Tech Industry, Mr. Jang developed a deep love and understanding for cutting-edge technologies that amplify the human experience.

Inspired by Nature, Backed by Science

FRANZ is named after an American biochemist, who developed the Franz Diffusion Cell, which is the most widely used testing instrument to test the permeability of key ingredients into skin-like membranes. The naming of FRANZ represents the company's mission and relentiess desire to search for real scientific solutions for healthy skin.

Beyond scientists, we take inspiration from nature. In fact, the ocean was our main inspiration for our globally patented invention: Tissue X® Technology.

The first of its kind, our dual mask system is powered by water energy ─ not batteries ─ to create tiny waves across skin, letting the masks's essences go much deeper than the regular face masks for max results.


    At FRANZ, we only use top-of-the-line clinically proven ingredients, including Micro-Hyaluronic Acid (100X smaller than Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Ceramides, Stem Cell Cultures and more.


    Not only are our serums at the top of their class, our delivery method ensures that these incredible formulations actually penetrate deeply into the skin. Our masks penetrate deeper than other sheet masks.


    BioSensor Laboratories (BSL) is a pioneering biotechnology corporation that manufactures skincare products with its patented non-invasive transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS).


    Our masks are beloved by doctors and med spas across the globe. Currently, we have over 5,000+ locations carrying our products. We have won several global awards due to our skincare science.

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    Unlike most conventional beauty brands, our philosophy is to produce every drop of our products with scientifically-proven results.


    While we started in Korea, we embrace diversity by employing people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Our products are designed for all types of skin and are tested in three continents.


    We want to preserve beautiful skin: the biggest organ of our bodies and a barrier from the outside. We are determined to deliver results that optimize skin health.

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