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FRANZ Skincare USA

Rooted in science. Developed in Korea.
Built from a multi-disciplinary collaboration with scientists.

Founded in 2013, BioSensor Laboratories (BSL) is a pioneering biotechnology corporation that manufactures skincare products with its patented non-invasive transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS).

Through multi-disciplinary collaboration with scientists at Seoul National University and The Samsung Hospital, along with an initial investment of $10 million in R&D, BSL invented the revolutionary TDDS trademarked as Tissue X®.

We combine dermatology, pharmacy, chemistry, life science, chemical, bio and medical engineering to deliver results that are literally healing your skin from within.

Topical delivery methods are just that, surface level and do not offer lasting results. We strive to send nutrients and healing ingredients deep inside the inner skin where all long-term skin reconstruction and regeneration occurs.

With knowledge from many different areas within the scientific community, FRANZ uses a diverse, cutting edge array of ingredients that are only the best quality and clinically proven to provide long-term regenerative results.

United States Patent
United States Patent
Drug Delivery
Drug Delivery
Korean Certificate Of Patent
Korean Certificate Of Patent
Korean Certificate Of Patent
Korean Certificate Of Patent
Korean Certificate Of Patent

Flawless starts from the inside out

At FRANZ Skincare, we are committed to our promise to deliver flawless skin through scientific innovation. With more than 30 years of experience in the skincare industry, and a lifetime commitment to centuries old approaches to natural healing through high quality ingredients and tried and true methods, we pride ourselves on delivering results, especially when it comes to ensuring that you achieve all of your skincare goals.

Our journey began with a fervent quest to answer a single question; “Is there a way to fundamentally improve your skin without the cost, pain and hassle of clinical procedures?”

The answer is, “Yes!"

Flawless Skincare by Franz Skincare

Our Namesake, Franz Thomas

FRANZ is named after the American biochemist Franz Thomas who developed the Franz Diffusion Cell method, which is the most widely used testing instrument to test the permeability of key ingredients into skin-like membrane. The more efficiently nutrients reach your skin, the more effective your treatments are.

The naming of FRANZ represents the company’s mission and relentless desire to search for real scientific solutions for healthy skin.

FRANZ Skincare USA strives to bring the most cutting-edge technology to your home. However, we must honor those who came before us; our namesake Franz Thomas developed the Franz Diffusion Cell method. This technique tests skin’s permeability of key ingredients. The more efficiently nutrients reach your skin, the more effective your treatments are.

Our goal is to bring the most innovative skin-repairing technology to your home. Sounds easy, right? Simplicity is the pinnacle of all true elegance. Our deceivingly simple, effortless to use products enhance and repair your skin’s beauty.

Franz Skincare Logo
Franz Skincare Mission

Our Mission

We believe skincare products should deliver on their promises and not leave you wondering whether it actually works.

At FRANZ, we dedicate our time and effort to achieve this by researching and developing solutions that help us meet the following goals:

1) Make sure skin repairing ingredients are delivered deep INSIDE the inner skin, where all the meaningful skin reconstructive & regenerative actions take place, and

2) Make sure to use only the best ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin.

The FRANZ Skincare Difference

Tissue X Technology

Tissue X® Technology

Microcurrent and Skincare

Microcurrent can control ion channels within skin cells, thus allowing for the passage of key ingredients and enhancing skin absorption rate in result.

Premium Skincare Ingredients

Premium Skincare Ingredients

Formula specialized for better skin absorption

The special formula of Franz Skincare containing selected ingredients such as lower molecular hyaluronic acid and ceramide NP enhance the efficacy of microcurrent mask.

Dermatologist-tested & Approved

Product Effectiveness

Clinical Results

Visual Examination of Skin Improvement Continuity Test by Dermatologists showed FRANZ improved skin 95%

Franz Skincare Values

FRANZ Values


FRANZ’s Proprietary Technology that is clinically proven to heal skin from the inner layers for long term, lasting results


Rooted in science & inspired by nature, our products are gentle enough for all skin types but strong enough for long-term healing


Skincare is personal, from acne to eczema these issues can deeply affect ones’ life. FRANZ is here to support all customers find real solutions

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