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Best Anti-Aging Results

Best Anti-Aging Results - Franz Skincare USA

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  • How to Get the Best Anti-Aging Results

    $200 anti-aging face cream, check!
    $100 anti-aging eye cream, check!
    $150 anti-aging face serum, check!
    You’ve got a cabinet full of the best anti-aging skincare money can buy. So, why aren’t you seeing any results?
    Before you decide to throw in the face towel and toss out all your anti-aging skincare products, read our expert tips on how to get the best anti-aging results from your products and a few other skin-care best practices to incorporate into your routine to get noticeable anti-aging results!

  • Patience is a virtue

    Patience is a virtue

    Although many products advertise “quick results,” many anti-aging skincare products take, at minimum, at least 6 weeks of correct and consistent use to work. So, if you want to get the best anti-aging results from your skincare, practice some patience.

  • Persistence is key

    Persistence is key

    Once you start seeing results from your anti-aging skincare, you should continue using the product to continue getting the best anti-aging results. Unfortunately, a lot of people mistakenly stop using a product after seeing results. However, in order to continue seeing results, you must continue to use the product.

  • sunscreen

    Fake it

    If you want to get the best anti-aging results forget about trying to get tan. Tanning speeds up premature signs of aging. Therefore, it’s important to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 daily to fend off wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer. However, if you really need some color, we recommend using a sunless tanner to achieve that sun-kissed look.

  • Use a moisturizer

    Use a moisturizer

    As basic as it sounds, wearing a moisturizer is key when it comes to getting the best anti-aging results for your skin. A moisturizer is essential to trapping water in the skin which can, ultimately, help minimize wrinkles and brighten your complexion. We recommend Franz Rose Quartz Moisturizing Cream, infused with rosewater and rose oil, for daily hydration that moisturizes and soothes parched skin.

  • anti-aging product

    Pick one

    When it comes to getting the best anti-aging results from skincare, less is more. Skincare experts recommend starting with one anti-aging product at a time. The reason for this is using multiple anti-aging products within a few days or weeks of each other can often cause skin irritation that can actually make you look older.
    Since even hypoallergenic products can sometimes cause an adverse reaction, we recommend doing a patch test before applying anti-aging products to your face. This can be easily done by applying a small amount to the inside of your forearm twice a day for a week. If your skin is free of irritation (i.e redness, rash, itching, etc.), feel free to apply on the face.

  • Franz Skincare’s Dewy Essence Serum

    One product doesn’t fit all

    When looking for skincare that will help us get the best anti-aging results, it’s important to remember that one anti-aging product does not fit all. If you have oily skin, for instance, use anti-aging products formulated for oily skin like Franz Skincare’s Dewy Essence Serum which delivers a non-oily boost of hydration for oily skin types.

  • anti aging eye serum

    Follow directions

    Getting the best results from anti-aging requires that you not over do it. This means that you will not get better or faster results by using more of that anti aging eye serum than is recommended. The reason for this is that many anti-aging products contain active ingredients that can cause adverse reactions if you apply more than directed. Therefore, it’s important to read the instructions on your anti-aging products and use as directed.

  • Franz Skincare’s Neck  Necessities Lifting Set

    Stay focused

    As much as we’d like to believe that that $100 face cream is the magic potion to cure all of our skincare woes, the fact of the matter is, when it comes to getting the best anti-aging results, we must be realistic with our skincare expectations. The reality is no one product can treat all signs of skin aging. For this reason, experts recommend staying focused on one anti-aging skincare concern at a time by using a product specifically formulated to address that specific issue. For instance, if you’re looking to lift and tighten your neck area, we recommend Franz Skincare’s Neck Necessities Lifting Set which is specifically designed for neck skincare concerns.