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How Korean Skincare Routines Helped American Skincare Become Better

How Korean Skincare Routines Helped American Skincare Become Better - Franz Skincare USA

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Skincare is done differently in many parts of the world, but we can always learn things from one another. In fact, Korean skincare (or K-beauty) has been becoming more popular in western culture, changing American skincare for the better. While you may think all skincare is the same, that’s not the case! Let’s look at how Korean skincare is changing the way American skincare is approached!

All About Prevention

For American skincare, it’s common to purchase skin care products to fix a problem that you have been having with your skin.
However, Korean skincare takes a preventative approach to skincare and works to keep problems from occurring in the first place.

Part of this is because it’s common to teach children about the importance of taking care of their skin from a young age in Korea.
In America, most people don’t begin taking care of their skin until their late teens or early twenties, if not even later than that!
However, taking the approach that Korean skincare has of starting early can help stop a lot of skin problems from ever happening in the first place.

Focus on Long-Term Solutions

American culture has a tendency to want quick results with everything, and skincare is no different. However, what may work in the short term may not be what’s best for our skin later on down the road. Korean skincare focuses on using products that will give you lasting benefits.

One of the most significant differences between these two approaches is that Korean skincare is focused on using products as natural as possible, which tend to give slower results but also longer-lasting and healthier results. On the other hand, American skincare has a history of using harsher chemicals to achieve fast results, though they can be damaging to the skin long term.

Fortunately, American skincare is beginning to make the change to more natural products because it’s becoming clear this is better for us overall.

Individual Approaches

Korean skincare has the mindset that everyone’s skin is different, which means that everyone needs a skincare routine made for their personal needs. Therefore, your skincare routine is much more customizable with Korean skincare, allowing you to see the results you want.

American skincare tends to have a more commercial approach to skincare, with one product for everyone. The issue with this is that some people have dry skin while others have oily, so even with issues like anti-aging, you likely need different product types. However, in recent years more brands have begun introducing a more customizable skincare routine thanks, in part, to the influence of Korean skincare.

Solving the Problem

Another great change that Korean skincare has introduced to American skincare is actually getting to the root of your skin issue.
Whether you’re treating wrinkles, acne, or dryness, Korean skincare focuses on treating the issues, allowing for healthier skin overall.

American skincare tends to focus on just getting rid of the visible issues with skin instead of solving the issue that’s causing the visible spots in the first place. While the Korean skincare approach tends to take longer to show visible results, it will also give you long-term results and allow for fewer problems further down the road.

How to Begin Incorporating K-Beauty Techniques

As you can tell, Korean skincare is much more focused on the health of your skin than on the outward appearance of it alone. Getting to the cause of the issues you’re facing with your skin and then using a skincare routine tailored for you makes Korean skincare much more beneficial for your skin than the current American skincare approach.

If you’re looking for some ways to begin making the change to Korean skincare, here are some easy steps to take with what you already are doing!

Wash your face twice

Start with a light oil cleanser and then follow up with a heavier foaming cleanser. This is especially important if you wear makeup because a single wash is incapable of getting all the makeup residue off.

Don’t dry your face with a towel

Using a towel can be abrasive to your skin and introduce your freshly cleaned skin to unwanted bacteria. Try letting your face airdry instead!

Apply products quickly

It’s best to do your entire skincare routine within ten minutes of getting out of the shower. This is because your pores have been opened from the steam of the shower, making them able to absorb more of your skincare products.

Pat, don’t rub

Rubbing your skincare products into your face can be really hard on your skin. However, gently tapping or patting your products in will allow them to absorb while also boosting circulation. In fact, that’s one of the elements of Korean skincare that we made sure to include in our Microcurrent facial masks because it’s so beneficial!

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Franz Products to Include in Your Korean Skincare Routine

If you’re ready to make the jump to help your skin in the K-beauty way, Franz has a variety of products that we have designed with Korean skincare approaches in mind. However, here are a couple of our favorites for the K-beauty approach!


Ampoules were created by the K-beauty world, and they are basically like a serum but with more of an impact on your skin. They have the highest concentration of active skincare ingredients that you can find on the market, giving you better results faster. These products are designed to help repair, rehydrate, and restore your skin when it needs an extra boost.

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Facial Masks

Sheet masks are a vital part of any Korean skincare routine, and we have a wonderful selection of Microcurrent facial masks to choose from. These masks will help deeply hydrate your skin and also help to reverse and prevent signs of aging on your skin. Using a sheet mask weekly has been a K-beauty staple long before they became popular in America!

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When it comes to Korean skincare, the goal is to treat the cause of your skin problems and not just the symptoms of them.
Fortunately, American skincare has begun introducing some of these behaviors, but if you want a fully customizable skincare routine, the K-beauty approach is still the best way to go!