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The Best Supplements to Take for Glowing Skin (Backed by Science)

The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science) - Franz Skincare USA

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  • The Best Supplements to Take for Glowing Skin

    When you search “best supplements for glowing skin” online, you can expect to see tons of results. Some sites will claim their supplements are the holy grail of healthy, beautiful skin. Others will talk about the benefits of a particular vitamin without much proof to back it up. When thinking about supplementing for skin health, you must consider the facts. We want you to get the most benefit for your money (and not waste money on questionable products), so we did some digging on supplements that have shown real evidence for helping your skin.

    Here are some of the top options if you want to support healthy, beautiful skin at any age

  • The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science)

    1. Fish oil (and other healthy fats)

    Healthy fats are essential for keeping your hair, skin, and nails hydrated. Research has shown the omega-3s in fish oil can help maintain skin homeostasis through processes like:

    • Enhancing the skin barrier function
    • Reducing dry skin
    • Decreasing inflammation from UV rays
    • Addressing hyperpigmentation

    Fish oil supplements are beneficial for those who struggle to get enough healthy fats in their diet. However, other sources of omegas include:

    • Fatty fish
    • Canola oil
    • Olive oil
    • Walnuts
    • Flaxseeds or chia seeds

    According to Healthline, anywhere from 250 mg to 500 mg of EPA and DHA is best for most people. Fish oil provides an excellent source of both.

  • The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science)

    2. Proteins

    Maybe you’ve heard that proteins are the building blocks of your body. And it’s true! You need a good source of protein to maintain healthy skin cells.

    Healthy sources of protein include:

    • Fish and other seafood
    • Poultry and other lean meats
    • Greek yogurt
    • Beans
    • Soy products
    • Nuts and seeds

    The best way to get protein is through whole foods. However, you can also use a protein powder if you’re worried about getting enough protein. A powdered supplement or low-sugar protein bars can also help.

    Whey protein contains amino acids and collagen to help maintain skin firmness and elasticity. Add some protein powder to a green smoothie or simply mix with water or almond milk for a protein boost.

  • The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science)

    3. B Vitamins

    There is some research showing that B-vitamin supplements may help create healthy new skin cells. A daily regimen including B vitamins — through diet and supplements — can support glowing skin. In some cases, B vitamins may also help address common skin issues. These are common reasons B vitamins are touted as some of the best supplements for glowing skin.

    Besides oral supplements, B-complex vitamins are actually most beneficial when applied directly to the skin through serums and other products.

  • The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science)

    4. Vitamins C and E

    Supplementing with a combination of vitamin C and vitamin E may be protective against sunburn. Since UV exposure is the number one cause of premature skin aging, protecting yourself from the sun is crucial for glowing skin.

    Speaking of vitamin E, applying it to your skin has also been shown as effective for sun protection. (That doesn’t mean you should skip the sunscreen, though! Always remember to lather up when you plan to be in the sunshine.)

  • The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science) -Multivitamin

    5. Multivitamin

    None of us have a perfect diet (and that’s okay). Multivitamins help ensure you’re getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need. Since the correct dose of supplements is often unclear, taking a multivitamin can help fill any gaps in your daily diet.

  • The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science) -What about collagen?

    6. What about collagen?

    There are some misconceptions about collagen for skin health. Collagen is a common ingredient in skincare products, but it can be misleading.

    It’s important to note that collagen fibers are too big to get through your outer skin layers. So, just because a product contains collagen doesn’t mean it’s going to benefit your skin. The product would need to have peptides, shorter collagen chains — and even those might not be good enough.

  • The Best Supplements to Take for  Glowing Skin (Backed by Science) -Microcurrent facial mask

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    Studies do show that oral collagen supplements may have benefits. According to a 2019 literature review, taking collagen has improved skin elasticity, hydration, and the amount of collagen in the skin.

    However, remember that consuming collagen doesn’t necessarily mean that it will directly benefit your skin. More research is needed on collagen supplements for your skin.

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  • Vitamin supplements are not everything.

    Vitamin supplements are not everything.

    It’s tempting to believe that taking a pill will be the solution to your skin woes. But there is more to skin health than supplements. What you eat, your physical activity, stress levels, hydration, and sleep are all factors. Your skincare routine also plays a critical part.

    Plus, supplements in the U.S. are not regulated by the FDA. When you consume too much of one vitamin, it can sometimes cause you to excrete another essential vitamin. You could be wasting the supplement and not even know it!

    Instead of putting all of your faith in the best supplements for glowing skin, pay attention to foods that provide the vitamins and minerals listed above. Focus on eating a balanced diet to glow from within.

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    ingredients for glowing skin.

    And, eating good foods is just half of the equation — what you put on your skin matters, too. We recommend “supplementing” your skin with anti-aging ingredients on a daily and weekly basis.

    According to Harvard Health, face serums are great for promoting healthier, glowing skin. Look for serums containing collagen peptides, hyaluronic acids, or stem cells. They’ll provide skin “supplements” that matter the most.