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Are Facials Worth It? Here are the Benefits and What You Should Know

Are Facials Worth It? Here are the Benefits and What You Should Know - Franz Skincare USA

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  • We all want healthy, smooth, vibrant skin — especially as we get older. Besides genetics, there are things we can do to protect and nourish our skin daily. If you’ve been looking into facials and wondering if they’re worth it, you’ve landed on the right article. While facials can be a vital part of any skincare routine, they’re not all the same. So, the answer to “are facials worth it?” can be both yes and no.

    Let’s dive into the details, including the benefits you can get from facials, reasons you might want to re-think them, and what you need to know to decide what’s best for you.

  • Are Facials Worth It? Here are the Benefits and What You Should Know

    What are the benefits of getting a facial?

    First of all, facials do certainly have benefits for your skin. The real question regards how much benefit you can get and how long it lasts.

    Here are some positive results you might see from getting regular facials.

  • Are Facials Worth It? Here are the Benefits and What You Should Know

    Facials can cleanse and tighten your skin

    Washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin at home is critical. Facials can help take things a step further with extra cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating ingredients.

    Getting a facial can help revitalize your skin, tightening things up while clearing your pores. Even if the ingredients work on the surface level (more on that below), they’ll make your skin feel great, at least temporarily.

  • Are Facials Worth It? Here are the Benefits and What You Should Know

    Facials that include massage are great for circulation

    An excellent facial will consist of some type of massage. The massage not only feels nice, but it helps get your blood flowing and work the facial ingredients into your skin. Improving blood circulation around your head and face benefits your skin’s health while helping you relax.

  • Are Facials Worth It? Here are the Benefits and What You Should Know

    Facials can help with blemishes and acne

    Those with acne, blackheads, and other blemishes might get facials to address those concerns. According to Medical News Today, facials can be safe if you have minor acne or blackheads.

    If you experience more severe, inflammatory acne, proceed with caution. The ingredients in some facials can irritate painful, red types of blemishes. Always inquire about the facial ingredients if you’re worried. In most cases, a professional facial can help prevent acne and address current acne concerns.

  • Are Facials Worth It? Here are the Benefits and What You Should Know

    The benefits of microcurrent facial toning

    Here’s a point we should nail home: not all facials are equal. While any facial provides the opportunity to pamper yourself, actual skincare benefits that are worth it depend on the details:

    • First, the ingredients of a facial should be deeply hydrating with essential nutrients and anti-aging qualities.
    • Second, the ingredients must be able to penetrate deep enough into the skin barrier to provide benefits.

    Microcurrent facials have grown in popularity recently because they go further than your standard facial. Often known as the “non-invasive facelift,” a microcurrent facial will smooth and tighten the muscles of your face — kind of like a workout for your face.

    Microcurrent facials in an office will use tiny electrical pulses. Microcurrent face masks provide microcurrent facials without any electricity. Instead, the masks create waves on your skin that tone and tighten while releasing ingredients to hydrate, nourish, decrease redness, and provide anti-aging benefits.

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  • Reasons a facial might not be worth it

    Reasons a facial might not be worth it

    Standard facials are typically about making your skin feel better in the moment. However, surface-level facials (that most people get at spas) only do so much. If you want actual anti-aging (or preventative aging} benefits, you’ll need more involved facial treatments.

    Microneedling, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are all examples of in-office skin treatments that people get for more profound skin benefits. But the same deterrents (time and money) remain. Paying for each appointment and making time to travel there is not worth it for many people.

    At-home facials have changed the game, but you must pay attention to the type of facial. Ask questions like:

    • What skincare ingredients does the facial involve?
    • What claims come with the facial ingredients and methods?
    • Do the ingredients provide any anti-aging benefits, and can they get deep enough into your skin?

    FRANZ Skincare created dual face masks using microcurrent to solve the common problems with standard and at-home facials.

    Using our Tissue X® technology, the masks create gentle, toning waves across your face while releasing anti-aging ingredients. The technology also opens up your pores to penetrate the mask’s essence six times deeper than a topical face mask.

    It’s best to choose a science-backed facial method that:

    • You can do long-term
    • You can keep doing once per month or every other week
    • Fits your lifestyle
    • Explains what it will do for your skin

    Positive testimonials and “before and afters” are also helpful for seeing how other people have benefited from the type of facial you’re researching.

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  • Are facials worth the money?

    Are facials worth the money?

    While facials have benefits, there is a cost associated with getting them. Whether or not they're worth the money depends on your situation. Many people find that cost and time are the main disadvantages of facials.

    Plus, you might only consider them “worth it” if you’ll get good skin results from doing them regularly. And to see the benefits of facials, consistency is crucial. It’s best to find a skincare routine — which includes facials — that you can realistically continue long-term.

    If you simply want pampering, self-care, and to make your skin feel great for the day, standard spa facials might be worth it for you. However, if you seek more profound anti-aging or healing benefits, consider a professional-level facial to get the most from your time and money.

    For high-quality facial benefits at home, try a microcurrent face mask today.

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