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Skincare for Men: Men’s vs. Women’s Skin

Skincare for Men: Men’s vs. Women’s Skin - Franz Skincare USA

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Skincare Products for Men - Is Men's skin really that different?

Do skincare products & ingredients need to be different for a man's skin?

Many products marketed separately to men and women are just that: marketing. The difference between men’s and women’s products are usually superficial things like, packaging, color, or scent. Except, interestingly, men and women’s skin behaves a little differently, resulting in a need for different products.

Understanding this Franz Skincare has formulated a line specifically to address men’s skincare needs. While much of the formulas are similar between the two (skin is skin afterall), there are certain key differences between how men and women’s skin behaves.

Do men produce more or less collagen? How does men’s skin age differently than women’s skin?

Generally speaking, men’s skin tends to appear to age slower, for several reasons. Firstly, men's skin has a higher collagen content, resulting in men having 25% thicker skin. Secondly, men’s skin just ages more gradually, developing fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging more slowly. Women’s skin tends to retain moisture and stays thicker until menopause when hormonal changes result in more dramatic changes all at once. Even outside of menopause, male and female hormones just tend to affect skin differently.


For example, one of the biggest differences between how men’s and women’s skin behaves is what skin types are more common. Men have more active sebaceous glands and more pores (not necessarily larger pores), and therefore sebum production is double that of their female counterparts, meaning an oily skin type is more frequent. Because of this male skin tends to be oilier and shiner and has a lower pH level - resulting in more impurities and acne.

Facial Hair

Finally, we need to consider facial hair. Men who have beards need skincare to accommodate this facial feature. Men who prefer to shave or otherwise groom are more prone to irritation from shaving and vulnerable to ingrown hairs, however, shaving is also a great manual exfoliant.

The Best Skincare Routine for Men

While men and women have different skin care needs in their formulations, their skincare routines are pretty similar.

The basic skincare routine structure, in order, is:

  1. cleansing face wash
  2. toning
  3. serums
  4. moisturizing
  5. protection against sun damage (sunscreen)

Women’s skincare routines often include more skincare products (including products like eye cream or refreshing sprays), mostly because women tend to be more invested in their skincare. However, men’s skin benefits from the same types of products that women’s do.

Specific Skincare Products for Men

Because we are a solution-focused brand, wanting to address issues at the deepest level of skin, we at FRANZ take all of these concerns into consideration when crafting product lines for men and women. You can expect our products for male skin to include a sebum control complex, consider facial hair, and of course feature deep anti-aging formulas to address any skin concerns men have.

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