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Facial Toners: One for Every Skin Type

Facial Toners: One for Every Skin Type - Franz Skincare USA

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Facial toners can often be a skincare step that is okay to skip. However, if you want to see the full results of your skincare routine, it’s important to make sure you are including a toner as well. Taking the time to use a toner on your face gives you many benefits, and it’s important to use a toner that will treat your skin correctly!

Why You Should Use a Facial Toner

Facial toners are a great extra step for your skincare routine. Facial cleaners simply aren’t able to get all the impurities off of your skin. However, when you follow your cleanser with a toner, the toner will remove the impurities that your cleanser left behind. This extra step will give you incredibly clean skin and give you a fresh slate to put the rest of your skincare products onto without causing extra buildup.

In addition to removing your skin’s extra impurities, toners will also work to restore the proper pH level to your face. Some cleaners can be harsh on your skin which can affect the pH level in one way or another, so toners will help reverse the imbalance if there is one.

How to Use a Facial Toner

Incorporating a facial toner into your skincare routine is a super easy change to make! Your facial toner will go on after you cleanse your face but before you moisturize. In fact, toners will help prep your skin for your moisturizer, allowing the hydration to properly sink into your skin!

Depending on the style of toner, there are different ways you can apply them.

Cotton Balls

Probably the most common type of facial toner is a liquid that you will apply using a cotton ball. Simply dampen the cotton and wipe it over your face. It can also be helpful to wipe the toner down onto your neck and chest area because it can remove oil and buildup there as well.


Some toners come in the form of a mist that is put out using a spray bottle. These toners aren’t as likely to give you thorough removal of impurities as one that you put on a cotton ball because you aren’t able to wipe the impurities away. If you have a mist toner, it’s best used as a refresher or for an added boost of moisture after using a toner with a cotton ball.

Franz Toner

We offer one amazing toner for your anti-aging needs here at Franz skincare! Our Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner is an amazing combination of science and nature, just like the rest of our product line. Some toners can be incredibly harsh and drying on your skin, but ours has been developed to be incredibly hydrating, which is the key to anti-aging skincare!

Our toner features tissue activating cytokines as well as EGF and FGF and also uses a human stem cell culture solution extract that is 1,000 ppm. These ingredients work together to give you incredible anti-aging results and stimulate your body’s production of collagen.

In addition to the amazing ingredients listed above, hyaluronic acid is also used to give you a deeper moisturizing experience. Let’s break down what each of these ingredients is!

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Cytokines are a form of peptide that naturally exists in your body but tends to be less prominent as you age. Cytokines are a broad group of peptides that help your immune system as well as help with inflammation. For skincare, the ability to help bring down inflammation can help in your facecare routine.


EGF is known to be able to help speed up the healing of wounds, but it’s also beneficial in skincare as well! Specifically, EGF has been shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face as well as prevent further wrinkles from happening.


FGFs are growth factors that are found in the body naturally, though we may begin producing less of them as we age. Being able to have them in your toner will allow you to fill in the gaps where your body isn’t able to produce FGFs as often naturally. These elements help to signal your cells to work how they are intended. In skincare, that means that the addition of FGF in your regimen means that your body will get more signals to produce collagen, which will help eliminate and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid has many wonderful benefits for your skincare routine because as much as 50% of your body’s hyaluronic acid is found in your skin. One of the great benefits that hyaluronic acid will give you is the ability to fight against wrinkles that can be caused by UV exposure. Hyaluronic acid will fight against the exposure to increase the firmness of your skin, reducing your chance of wrinkles.

Why Franz?

With so many toners on the market, you may be wondering why you should choose ours. Every product we offer is all-natural, which will allow you to be able to feel confident in where your product ingredients have come from. In addition, we never test on animals, and we have innovative technology that is backed up by research and customer experiences. When it comes to any skincare, including your toner, Franz is the best option!


It’s important to do all you can for your skincare routine because it’s what will make your skin able to fight against signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. One of the best steps to add to your routine is a toner. Toners allow you to remove the impurities left behind by your cleanser, which allows your moisturizer to be able to fully penetrate your skin to give you the best results possible.

The Franz Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner is a perfect choice for anyone looking to fight against signs of aging because of all the fantastic ingredients in it! Plus, with Franz, you can be confident that you’re receiving the best that both science and nature have to offer!

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