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Healing is skin deep - we explore the innovative technology to get your skin back on track

We live in a time when there’s never been such a focus on the way we look. With the rise of social media and HD cameras on every device, there’s never been so much pressure to look our best. Luckily, we also live in a time when treatments have never been safer, more affordable and so accessible to all.
If you are on the hunt for younger-looking, toned skin, Microcurrent treatments are on the rise - and with good reason. But what exactly is a microcurrent treatment? How can it help your skin? And what is the science behind it? Here we take an in-depth look at microcurrent technology science and how it can be implemented to your skincare routine.

What is a microcurrent treatment?

Microcurrent treatments are aesthetic treatments that target the skin to make it feel toned, tightened, and hydrated. Some microcurrent facials involve a unique handheld device that administers electric currents to the face, penetrating deeply into the skin. It is a non-invasive option that offers results right away. If you are after similar results but with less expense and where you don’t have to leave the house, we have a host of Microcurrent facial masks that are preferred by clinics and spas worldwide.

Our Saint 21 Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask is one of our most popular choices and is cited as the "gold standard of deep anti-aging." This microcurrent mask works by a luxe gold coating that allows optimum adhesion to turbocharge the Tissue X® microcurrent technology and penetrate the anti-aging ingredients as deeply as possible. It is clinically proven to tone and tighten the skin and features adenosine to stimulate collagen and oligo hyaluronic acid to penetrate all layers of your skin.

These facial masks are a fantastic choice as they can be applied to your face weekly and you can experience the benefits almost instantly. It’s relaxing, and therapeutic and can revive and reset advanced signs of aging. They are also pain-free (though you might feel a little tingling which is completely normal) and are easy to apply.

SAINT 21 Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

What is the science behind microcurrent treatments?

Microcurrent treatments have been around for years, however, it’s only more recently that they’ve broken more into the mainstream skincare market.
And has been used as an anti-aging treatment. They work by administering small electric currents that activate the facial muscles, promoting them to stimulate collagen, encourage cell growth and tighten the skin's appearance.

The microcurrent that is administered to the skin is designed to be at a level that mimics the body's own natural current, triggering a chemical reaction at a cellular level. This in turn increases our body's ability to utilize the protein ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that is responsible for cell growth, energy, and regeneration.

As we age, our bodies' natural levels of ATP decreases, slowing down processes such as collagen production which is responsible for things such as our skin elasticity and is why we're more susceptible to lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin as we get older. By working harmoniously with the body's own current to increase ATP levels, you can expect much greater results than other non-invasive treatments. Your circulation and blood flow improves, the production of elastin, collagen, and amino acids is promoted and the fibroblast activity for collagen synthesis is improved. All of this combined creates visible results to the texture, feel, and health of the skin. Your muscles are essentially recharged and reset.

How do I use a microcurrent mask?

Our Jet Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask is perfect to be a part of your skincare routine, before makeup, or anytime you're looking to give your skin a boost. After cleansing and drying your skin, simply apply the mask directly to your cleansed face. You will then need to add the boosting essence before applying the activated empowering mask on top of the enriching mask. The two masks should be sealed tightly and the small, white ion cells on the empowering cells should be facing out. Relax for twenty minutes ( lightly tingling might be felt) before removing the masks and gently massaging any remaining Essence into your skin. It's important you let this soak in and don't rinse your face for the full effect.

Easy to use, the facial masks benefits can be seen straight away, with your skin looking tighter, smoother, and fresher straight after applying.
It’s recommended you use your mask once a week to keep up the benefits.

Jet Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

What benefits can be seen from a microcurrent mask?

There are many benefits to the skin that can be seen and felt from using a microcurrent mask.

This includes:

  • Smoother, less puffy skin

  • Skin that has been lifted, firmed, and tightened

  • Reduced appearance of pores

  • An improvement in acne scarring, redness, and hyperpigmentation

  • No need for expensive treatments, this is non-invasive and simple to use

Microcurrent masks can essentially help to combat all the main signs of aging, giving you a youthful glow.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin without having to book in for a lengthy and expensive treatment, our microcurrent masks are an effortless alternative to add to your skincare routine. Packed with benefits and designed to improve the look and health of your skin, their benefits can be seen directly after their first use. Take a look at our range of anti-aging Microcurrent masks and their benefits here.

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