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How Long Do Microcurrent Therapy Results Last?

How Long Do Microcurrent Therapy Results Last? - Franz Skincare USA

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If you’ve been considering trying microcurrent therapy for your skin, but you aren’t sure about the longevity of the results, you aren’t alone. When investing in skin treatment, it’s normal to want to know what to expect after you’re done with the treatment. Traditional microcurrent treatment and Franz Tissue X® technology microcurrent treatments can have different results timeframes, so it’s important to know the difference before you get started!

Franz Microcurrent Versus Traditional

Traditional microcurrent treatments use small electric shocks on your skin in order to achieve facelifting results without surgery or needles. These procedures are typically done in a doctor’s office, though there are some options on the market currently for at-home microcurrent treatments. However, when using electricity, it’s important to be super careful and to know if you have a condition that doesn’t allow for these types of treatments.

Franz microcurrent treatments take a more natural approach to facelifting therapy. Instead of electricity, our microcurrent facials use water to give you the same impressive results. We’re able to do this using our unique Tissue X® technology, which allows you to have the science behind the ocean, giving you tiny water currents on your face, allowing you to get deeply-penetrating results.

GO Tissue X technology

How Long Do Results Last?

When you get an electrical microcurrent therapy treatment from a dermatologist, you can typically expect your results to last from one to two months between treatments. Of course, it’s also dependent on your budget and schedule whether you can make it back to the dermatologist on time to get another treatment before the results begin to fade.

With our at-home water-powered microcurrent treatments, you can essentially do treatments as often as you like. When you first start the treatment, we recommend doing a facial treatment twice a week for the first two weeks. After that, you should plan to do one treatment a week to keep your results lasting as long as you would like them to!

The great thing about our microcurrent treatments is that you can also use them if you prefer the longer-lasting results of professional microcurrent treatments. If you need to go longer between your dermatologist visits, you can use our microcurrent facial masks to give you an added boost between your treatments!

How Long Does it Take to See Initial Results?

Everyone’s skin is different, so you likely won’t react to a microcurrent treatment in the same way as another person. However, many people report seeing at least subtle improvements in their skin after the first treatment! Of course, the longer you stick with the microcurrent treatments, the better your results will be!

Some of the improvements you can expect to see on your skin with extended microcurrent treatment include:

  • Tighter and toned skin

  • Less fine lines and wrinkles

  • Slower signs of aging

  • More hydration

  • Brighter skin appearance

  • Refined features

Why Choose a Microcurrent Facial Mask Over a Facelift

If you’re looking for lifting results on your face, you’ve likely also considered having a facelift procedure done. When you’re considering doing an invasive procedure like that, you may be wondering if it’s truly worth it. Some people find that opting for our microcurrent facial masks is a much better option for them. Some of their reasons include:

  • Franz sheet masks are more affordable than a facelift

  • There’s no recovery time with a face mask

  • There’s no need to visit a doctor or have to use needles

  • Franz masks are easy to use and can be done at home

  • Franz microcurrent masks are backed up by research and results from other users

The truth is, choosing to use a Franz microcurrent mask will give you the facelifting results you’re wanting using well-researched technology and ingredients, leaving you with little to no risk. The same can’t be said about a facelift because there will always be a higher risk of complication when you use an injectable treatment instead of a topical one.

How Microcurrent Facial Treatments Work

If you’re sold on the idea of a less-invasive facelifting treatment that you can do at home, you’re likely wondering how it works.
Our microcurrent facial masks use our Tissue X® technology to stimulate your skin which will allow it to produce more collagen.

As we age, our bodies begin to produce less collagen than we had when we were younger. Collagen is what helps your face have the plump and youthful appearance that so many people are trying to accomplish. Improving your collagen production will help prevent aging signs as well as help you have a brighter complexion than you had before.


Microcurrent therapy is becoming the needless facelift treatment that people are turning to. There are many benefits of choosing to not use an injectable facelift. Of course, the longevity of the treatment is something many people worry about. The great thing is that in-office microcurrent treatments last for one or two months. Franz microcurrent treatments can be used weekly to have ongoing results. Plus, they can be used on their own or in between professional microcurrent treatments in order to prolong their results!

If you’ve been considering microcurrent therapy for your facial needs, consider Franz because of the all-natural approach to microcurrent therapy that uses water. Our treatments are safe and easy to use, all while giving you amazing results in the comfort of your own home! Some people see results as soon as the first treatment, and the longer you do our treatments, the better your results will be!