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How to Add Face Brightening Cream to Your Daily Skincare Routine

How to Add Face Brightening Cream to Your Daily Skincare Routine - Franz Skincare USA

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If you’ve noticed that your skin could use a little more radiance from day to day, you may be wondering what you can add to your skincare routine to help make that happen. Fortunately, adding in a face brightening cream can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. Of course, you need to make sure you’re using the product correctly, so you get the best results.

Let’s look at what face brightening cream is, how it works, and how you can add it into your routine now in order to see amazing results in the days to come!

What is Face Brightening Cream?

Face brightening cream is a product that is meant to be put onto your skin and then lighten or fade the appearance of various types of discoloration. If you currently have dark spots, age spots, or redness on your face, these are the types of conditions that could benefit from a face brightening cream.

Some brightening creams can also work in a way that can help speed up cell turnover, which can help you get rid of dead or dying skin cells faster. This will leave behind a brighter, more youthful complexion.

How Do Face Brightening Creams Work?

Face brightening creams target any type of hyperpigmentation in your skin and will essentially bleach the area in order to reduce the appearance of discoloration. While some harsher products will literally bleach your skin, others will work in ways that will help to speed up cell turnover or lighten your skin in less harmful ways.

Essentially, these products work to restore your skin’s natural color and tone by implementing a variety of ingredients to help lessen the appearance of areas that are red or darker than the rest of the skin. The result is a much brighter and supple complexion than what you had before.

What Do Face Brightening Creams Work For?

Depending on the ingredient list, there’s a wide variety of hyperpigmentation that face brightening creams can target and reduce the appearance of. The most common conditions are dark circles or age spots and acne scars or redness of the face. However, more intense face brightening creams can work to fade other skin conditions as well, including freckles.

How to Start Using a Face Brightening Cream

If you want to add a face brightening cream to your skincare routine, it’s important to do it at the right location in your routine. To get the best results from a skin brightening cream, you should first clean and exfoliate your skin.

After doing so, make sure your face is completely dry, then apply the face brightening cream in an even layer across your entire face. Rub the cream in thoroughly, and you’ll be good to go!
Depending on the product you’re using, make sure you are only using the brightening cream as often as directed. Some more gentle ones are able to be used every day while the harsher ones should be used less frequently.

Benefits of Using a Face Brightening Cream

Along with the fact that a face brightening cream will help your complexion, there are some other reasons why you should consider adding a face brightening cream into your skincare routine. Some of the bonus benefits include:

  • Many face brightening creams also provide anti-aging treatment to your skin.

  • Using a topical face brightening cream is less expensive than other therapies like laser treatment.

  • Other treatments can be harsh on your skin and actually damage it.

  • Regular use of face brightening cream can make it easier to maintain the health of your skin overall.

Risks of Using a Face Brightening Cream

As with almost anything else, there are potential risks to using face brightening creams. Before you purchase one, know that it’s possible to experience one or more of these side effects:

  • If your face brightening cream contains corticosteroids, you have a higher chance of developing steroid acne as well as a skin breakdown, making you more susceptible to scarring.

  • Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may experience slight skin irritation or a rash from use.

  • There is some concern over mercury poisoning with some skin brightening products, so it’s important to do your research before choosing a product.

These side effects are rare but are worth mentioning regardless. There hasn’t been a whole lot of research done on skin brightening products, so it can be difficult to know for sure what you’re getting into. Purchasing your skin brightening cream from a brand you trust is a great first step to take!

Alternative to Using a Face Brightening Cream

If you like the idea of using a face brightening cream, but you’re not sure about risking the possible side effects, we totally understand! Fortunately, here at Franz, we offer a line of microcurrent facial masks that can give your skin many benefits, including a brighter complexion!

One of the best things about our microcurrent facial treatments is that they are all-natural, meaning you have a much lower risk of negative side effects than when using traditional face brightening creams, which can be harsh on the skin. In fact, our facial masks use the science of water to create microcurrents instead of electricity, making for a much safer experience than even traditional microcurrent treatments!

If you’re looking for face brightening, a microcurrent face mask is a great choice because you’ll achieve the brightening you’re looking for while also receiving anti-aging treatment, extra hydration, toning, firming, and smoothing. The best part is that you can use our dual masks from the comfort of your own home! You’ll receive dermatologist-level brightening from a mask you can do without leaving your house! Talk about a great alternative!

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If you’re considering adding a face brightening cream into your skincare routine, it’s important to know both the benefits and the potential risks of using the product. When you’re choosing a brightening cream, pay close attention to the ingredients so you aren’t purchasing something that will be too harsh on your skin. And if you’re looking for a more gentle way of brightening your face, check out the full line of Franz skincare for brightening and any other skincare need you may have!

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