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Is a Microcurrent Facial Safe During Pregnancy?

Is a Microcurrent Facial Safe During Pregnancy? - Franz Skincare USA

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Whether you are a longtime user of our microcurrent facials or you are brand new to the world of microcurrents, you'll likely find yourself wondering if it's safe to use the treatment when you're pregnant. So many ingredients, foods, and activities can be considered unsafe when you're pregnant, so it's important to know whether you can use a microcurrent facial before purchasing one!

Safety During Pregnancy

When it comes to typical microcurrent facials, they are not recommended during pregnancy. These treatments use tiny electric shocks on your skin to provide lifting and toning to the skin. When you're pregnant, your skin is more sensitive, which could lead to you being more prone to irritation while using a microcurrent facial treatment. Plus, there's not enough research to show that the use of microcurrent electric shocks is safe for your unborn child, so it's best to just avoid it.

It's also important to note that getting a microcurrent facial while breastfeeding is also not recommended. Again, there isn't enough research to show how the facial treatment could affect breastmilk, so the FDA has not cleared the procedure in this situation either.

What About Franz Microcurrent Facials?

Franz microcurrent facials are different from traditional microcurrent facials, making the answer to this question different as well. Our microcurrent facials don't use electricity but use water instead. The water creates a tiny pulsating pattern on your skin, designed to imitate the motion of waves.
These pulses allow for the results of a traditional microcurrent facial but without the use of electricity.

Since our products are all-natural and don't use electricity, they don't have any elements in them that are considered unsafe for pregnancy.
However, we do recommend you check with your doctor before starting a Franz microcurrent treatment in order to be as safe as possible!

Benefits of Our Microcurrent Facials

As we mentioned above, our microcurrent facials use water instead of electricity. We're able to do this by using our unique Tissue X® technology, which was inspired by the ocean waves. This technology will give you an at-home facelift by using topical serums and masks that will penetrate your skin much deeper than other topical treatments.

Because our products are able to get so deep into the skin, they can help with dark spots, fine lines, discoloration, and other facial issues that you may be experiencing. Plus, at the end of your facial treatment, you'll notice improved hydration, firmness, and toning of your skin!

Our Tissue X® process mimics ions being exchanged when water goes from a fresh river to the saltwater of the ocean. This movement then opens up your pores which is what allows our products to penetrate so deeply and heal the skin from the inside. This deep treatment will allow for more permanent results, which is why it's known as the at-home facelift.

GO Tissue X® technology

How Can Franz Microcurrent Facials Help During Pregnancy?

While many people like to boast about the pregnancy glow, the truth is that many don't experience that while pregnant. Many women will experience constant acne breakouts or an overall dull appearance to their skin while pregnant. In fact, the hormone changes you experience while pregnant can have some women feeling like they have the face of a teenager all over again!

The good news is that our microcurrent facials can work against these issues to give you your healthy skin back. Our face masks help clear up both active acne and acne scars while also giving you more brightness and hydration in your skin. When you use our face masks, you'll be surprised how much better your face will look!


While traditional microcurrent facials are not safe while pregnant due to their use of electric currents, Franz microcurrent facials don't have any
elements to them that are considered unsafe for pregnancy. Again, we always recommend that you check with your doctor before trying our products.

We use the natural forces of water to give you the results that others provide through tiny electric shocks. Since we have an all-natural approach to skincare, you can feel comfortable that all elements of our microcurrent facials are safe for you and your unborn child during pregnancy.