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The FRANZ Difference : Where Science Meets Nature

The FRANZ Difference : Where Science Meets Nature - Franz Skincare USA

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  • The FRANZ Difference:  Where Science Meets Nature

    The FRANZ Difference:
    Where Science Meets Nature

    By the year 2026, the U.S. skincare market is set to total $37.13 billion. Americans clearly care about the health of their skin. But they should also know that not all skincare brands and products are created equal. At FRANZ Skincare, we’re on a mission to provide our customers with the best results—in every way.

    We know you have skincare goals, and we’ve asked all of the right questions for you. It all started with this one: Can you improve your skin without jumping through the loops of clinical procedures?

    Most actually effective skincare treatments involve professional consultations, painful procedures, and unrealistic costs. We decided to find a solution that removes all of those barriers for the same clinical results.

    With FRANZ Skincare, you get:

    • Safe and effective skincare ingredients
    • Easy-to-use products right at home
    • Proven technology behind our claims and results

    Not many brands can confidently offer all three. Plus, we’re more affordable than other companies for the same (or better) value.

  • FRANZ Skincare: Where We Started

    FRANZ Skincare: Where We Started

    With over 30 years of experience in skincare and comprehensive knowledge of quality ingredients for natural healing, we’re the place where science meets nature.

    It all began with our founder and CEO, Myounghoon Jang, and his mother. Sitting by her side in the hospital, Myounghoon marveled at the joy in his mother as he helped wash her face and apply her skincare. He set out on a mission to create skincare products backed by proven science with results that everyone can attain.

    FRANZ is the product of mother-son love, advanced skincare science, and extensive collaborations with experts. Through workout with scientists at Seoul National University and The Samsung Hospital, we invented a patented non-invasive transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) called Tissue X®.

  • Innovative Tissue X® Microcurrent Technology

    Innovative Tissue X® Microcurrent Technology

    Our groundbreaking Tissue X® microcurrent technology uses the power of water for an at-home facelift. The delivery system is based on the phenomenon of reverse osmosis we see in nature.

    Creating tiny waves across your face, Tissue X® opens up your skin pores so that the active ingredients can penetrate six times deeper than other topical products.

    The result is toned, hydrated, and tightened skin—clinical results without the need for costly or in-office procedures.

  • Deeper, Long-Lasting Results

    Deeper, Long-Lasting Results

    Most skincare products provide topical treatments that sound nice, but there’s a problem. These topical delivery methods can’t absorb deep enough into the skin for tangible results.

    With FRANZ and Tissue X®, our healing ingredients and nutrients get into the deeper layers of the skin. This is the place where honest, long-lasting healing and regeneration happens.

    Our customers can maintain healthy skin and achieve more youthful results without breaking the bank. We provide exceptional skincare ingredients in all of our products, and our advanced technology ensures the best delivery for long-term rejuvenation.

  • Non-Invasive, Affordable Clinical Results

    Our award-winning Microcurrent Dual Masks bring you the clinical results of a facelift in the comfort of your own home.

    Using Tissue X® technology and the highest-quality, clinically-backed ingredients, you can nourish your skin, protect against early signs of aging, and reset advanced aging signs. Combine our masks with FRANZ serums and creams to address wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and more.

    We encourage you to try the FRANZ experience for yourself. Join us as we combine natural processes with proven scientific results for the difference you deserve.