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Tissue X®: Microcurrent Technology
How Nature Powers the Science Behind FRANZ Skincare

Tissue X<sup>®</sup>: Microcurrent Technology<br>How Nature Powers the Science Behind FRANZ Skincare - Franz Skincare USA

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Microcurrent Dual Masks

FRANZ Skincare was born at the place where science meets nature, bringing cutting-edge technology to your home. Spanning over five years of research, Franz Skincare collaborated with the leading scientists at Seoul National University to develop a skincare line that is unique, powerful, and clinically proven.

  • | What is Tissue X® Technology?

    The process of ions being exchanged as water goes from ocean saltwater to fresh river water is the same natural energy that powers our Dual Microcurrent masks. This natural wonder opens up skin’s pores, allowing our nourishing formulas to penetrate 6x deeper than the leading topical facemask, healing skin from within.

    So how did we harness this ion exchange? When the Boosting Essence Serum is added to the Ion Cell, our proprietary technology – the world's first green Ion Generating Micro Booklet (IGMB) – is activated! Our IGMBs generate the microcurrents on our dual mask products, without any batteries or outside electricity sources. This first-of-its-kind technology is what enables you to deeply hydrate, tone, soften, brighten, and repair your skin, all from the convenience of your home!

  • | Inside Our Microcurrent Dual Masks

    Take a look at how the elements of our microcurrent dual mask all work together :

    Inside Our Microcurrent Dual Masks

    Enriching Mask :

    This soft sheet adheres comfortably to your face, infused with our enriching essence specially formulated to penetrate all layers of skin.

    Dry Mask :

    The silver pattern on this dry mask delivers the microcurrent across your face.

    Ion Cell + Boosting Essence:

    When the boosting essence soaks the ion cell of the dry mask, the mic rocurrent is activated for 6X deeper delivery into the skin.

  • | Your Elemental Skincare in 3 Steps

    Thoroughly cleanse your skin.
    Place the wet, serum-infused enriching mask flat against your skin to cover your face.
    Add the Boosting Essence Serum to the Ion Cell of the dry mask and layer it over the wet mask.

    In 20 minutes your skin will be left feeling tightened, toned and instantly hydrated!

  • | Who is Tissue X® for?

    FRANZ’s Tissue X®technology is for anyone looking to rejuvenate, revitalize, and refresh their skin. FRANZ has a mask for every skin type including spot treatments for gentle skin areas like under eyes and neck:

Try FRANZ’s award-winning skincare today and see the clinically proven results for yourself!