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What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits?

What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits? - Franz Skincare USA

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What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits?

Dark circles, fine lines, puffy eyes, and under-eye bags are all visible signs of aging that we wish we could hideaway. While makeup and concealer can help slightly mask how visible these blemishes and lines - there are just some things that makeup can’t correct. Sometimes you need something highly effective that will help treat those pesky under-eye bags and lines.

While there’s no way to completely remove dark circles, there are ways to improve the situation. Since the skin around the eyes is quite thin, it begins to showcase the signs of aging before the rest of our face ever will. Thankfully, there are topical products that can provide the hydration needed to hide those all-nighters pulled.

The Benefits of Eye Masks

Since the skin around the eyes is so thin and prone to lines, dark circles, and puffiness it is important to give the area some extra love. One of the biggest benefits of eye masks is that they allow you to target the area and get to the root of the issue. If your under-eye area is dry, combating that with an extra dose of hydration will do wonders for the appearance of fine lines. However, if your under-eye area is suffering from dark circles or puffiness, then working to de-puff the area will make a world of a difference.

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The Best Eye Masks To Brighten & Hydrate 

There is a variety of under-eye masks to choose from depending on the specific issue that you’re looking to target. Here are some of the best under-eye masks that will restore the appearance of your eyes and help repair any damage that’s been done.

What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits?

1. Rose + Cucumber Eye Mask

For a natural glow that will instantly hydrate those tired eyes, a rose & cucumber eye mask is the perfect remedy. Along with being an incredibly hydrating and soothing mask, cucumbers are known to remove toxins from the body and help to reduce swelling (goodbye puffy eyes!). Simply take some minced cucumber and mix it together with 1 tsp of rose water. Add the mixture to a cotton pad and rest them onto your eyes for ten minutes and then rinse off gently.

What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits?

2. Chamomile Tea Mask

Chamomile tea is an incredibly soothing and relaxing tea to drink, so it makes sense that the same tea can be applied to soothe your under-eye area. If your eye area has been itchy, causing you to tug and pull at the eyes, which causes fine lines, then chamomile tea can help. Simply steep two bags of chamomile tea for a few minutes and then remove them so they can cool off. Once cool, place each tea bag over your eye and take a break for the next 10 to 15 minutes. Gently remove them after the time is up and follow up with a hydrating eye serum and cream.

What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits?

3. Egg White + Vitamin E Eye Mask

It should come as no surprise to see egg whites pop up as a great under-eye mask for fine lines and crow's feet. You’ll often find that egg whites are included in many anti-wrinkle masks currently available on the market. Egg whites contain protein and collagen, which help to create a tightening effect for the skin around the eyes. Vitamin E on the other hand is incredibly hydrating and is a great addition to this mask. Simply separate the egg whites from two eggs and add 5 drops of vitamin E oil and mix it all up. Place the mixture carefully on your under-eye area and allow it to sink in for 10 minutes before gently removing it.

What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits?

4. FRANZ Wrinkle Away RED Microcurrent Dual Eye Mask

For an instant eye lift that helps smooth away puffiness and fine lines, you’ll want to invest in a highly moisturizing under-eye mask. The FRANZ Wrinkle Away RED Microcurrent Dual Eye Mask is a powerful boost of hydration and skincare for your under-eye skin. Franz’s signature Tissue X® absorption enhancement technology is combined with a luxe gold coating to boost ion power - giving it the power to sink deep into the skin and make all of the necessary changes from within. The ingredients are all high quality with a particularly beneficial one known as Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, which is up to 2600x smaller than your average hyaluronic acid. This ingredient combined with the groundbreaking technology allows for the retention of moisture to help immediately reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, all while creating a skin-plumping effect.

What Are The Best Under-Eye Masks and Their Benefits?

Taking Proactive Measures

When it comes to caring for the delicate skin around your eyes, taking proactive measures is key. Your overall health is incredibly important and will absolutely impact the appearance of dark circles, lines, and puffiness. Eating whole foods, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep are all ways to naturally combat the signs of aging, prevent lines from forming and have a nourished body from the inside out. However, no amount of healthy eating or drinking water can stop aging or puffiness from happening and that’s when under-eye masks come in handy. Targeted help can do wonders for the look and feel of your under-eye area! 

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