FRANZ Saint 21 Gold Mask & Wrinkle Away Gold Eye Mask featured in VOGUE

Put on a mask and brag on social media at the same time?!

Discover our selection of gold and silver holiday masks that are the most Instagrammable!

14 DEC 2020

Have you ever thought that applying a facial mask can also be festive? This time, we have selected different golden and silver masks for you, so that everyone can post a story while taking care of their skin, while wearing the most elegant and Instagrammable mask.


 Another brand that launched gold and silver facial masks is Franz Skincare, and they have their own specialty facial masks that are different from others. Their top-known product is microcurrent dual facial mask. The gold-coating added to the microcurrent mask helps to warm your skin. After applying the essence sheet, wear a second layer of microcurrent sheet to prevent the loss of moisture and deliver intense nourishment of the essence into the skin.

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