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20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Friends to Make Them Smile

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Friends to Make Them Smile - Franz Skincare USA

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Good friends make life better—from emotional support during the hard times to fun get-togethers that further cement your special bond. So when it comes time for gift-giving, you’ll naturally want to get your friends something they cherish. It can be hard to narrow things down with so many options out there. But not to worry—we’re here to help with a full list of gift ideas for friends to choose from.

Whether you have a small or large budget, we’ve included a little something for everyone.


For the friend who adores makeup:

Give them a gift that will show off all of their makeup creations! A lighted Skinny Makeup Mirror is the perfect gift for anyone who loves makeup looks
(and the obligatory selfie afterward).

Price: $195.00 on Amazon


For the friend who lives life to the fullest:

Do you have a friend who works hard and plays hard? Maybe they seem to be constantly taking trips and enjoying all life has to offer.

Traveling a lot—which often includes losing sleep, eating airport food, and not hydrating enough—can do a number on your skin. Support your best friend’s skin with an Everyday Essence Face Serum they can carry anywhere for a quick refresh.

Price: $15.00 from Franz Skincare


For the one who is health conscious but still loves wine:

They can still enjoy a glass or two without worrying so much about the health effects. Gift your friend some low-sugar wine so they can indulge with less guilt.

Price: Varies per bottle from Winc 


For the friend who digs "ugly" shoes:

Did you know that Crocs are back? Whether you’re happy about this or not, if you have a friend who loves these “ugly” rubber shoes, make them smile with a new pair! Spice it up with a tie-dye pattern.

Price: $49.99 from Crocs


For the friend who has a sunny trip coming up:

Even if you’re reading this during winter, there are many sunny places to flock to over Christmas vacation. If your friend has a trip coming up, make sure they have everything needed for first-class pampering with a Bon Voyage Skincare Travel Kit.

Price: $120.00 from Franz Skincare


For the friend who really needs to relax more:

Who isn’t a little stressed, right? But maybe you have a friend who is always worried about the next big thing. Help them take a load off with an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Essential oils are fitting holiday gift ideas for friends since the end of the year can be stressful.

Pair it with a face sheet mask (stay tuned—that’s coming up next!) for a relaxing evening in.

Price: $39.95 on Amazon


For the friend who is always asking for a girl’s night in:

Sometimes, you just need to put on your pj’s and put on a feel-good movie (complete with some microwave popcorn). If your friend really needs some time to chill, plan a relaxing night in when you gift her a Jet Microcurrent Face Mask.

The Jet sheet masks have two layers that contain ultra-hydrating and preventative aging ingredients. They also use the revolutionary Tissue X® technology that penetrates six times deeper than topical face masks. Plus, each box comes with a set of two—perfect for two friends to enjoy together.

Price: $40.00 from Franz Skincare


For the friend who is basically a sibling:

Someone doesn’t have to be a blood relative to be like a sister. This “Sisters by Heart” Bracelet is a constant reminder that you and your friend share a bond that can’t be broken.

Price: $16.66 on Amazon


For the friend with plant “children”:

We all know that one person who puts everything into their plants. If your bestie treats her house plants with tender loving care, support her passion with a Birth Month Flower Grow Kit.

Price: $35.00 from Uncommon Goods


For the tea-obsessed friend:

There’s something so lovely about a nice cup of high-quality, loose-leaf tea. If your friend loves trying different teas, why not give them a gift set that samples Loose Teas from Around the World? They might just find their new favorite brew.

Price: $55.00 on Food52


For the bestie who’s smitten with K-beauty products:

Korean beauty has taken the world by storm with incredible beauty hacks and the best-quality skincare options. Chances are good that you have a friend down to try just about any K-beauty product for anti-aging. If so, get them a Premium Microcurrent Face Mask to try out microcurrent facial technology inspired by the ocean waves.

Each dual mask creates gentle waves across your face that open up your pores, allowing the anti-aging mask ingredients to penetrate deep beneath the skin surface. Not only will it feel nice, but it will go deep enough for true healing and rejuvenation.

Price: $50.00 from Franz Skincare


For the friend who appreciates unique gifts:

Personalized Name Earrings are fun, cute, and lovely for any friend who likes unique (yet simple) jewelry options.

Price: $19.87 on Etsy


Gift idea for the friend who always has a tight neck and shoulders: 

If your friend is always dealing with tight muscles from work or stress, one of the best gifts you can get them is a Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager. They can give themselves a tension-releasing massage without having to leave home.

Price: $39.99 on Amazon


For the friend who ends the day with a nice bath:

Lush Merry Christmas Bath Bombs add a festive feel to self-care time, and they’re super pretty. These would make great Christmas gift ideas for friends.

Price: $35.95 from Lush


For the friend who needs new makeup brushes:

This one is easy. If your friend never replaces her makeup brushes and is in dire need of new ones, buy her a 12-Piece Brush Set to use for a good while.

Price: $9.99 from Amazon


For the friend who has all-the-products:

Grab this 3-Piece Travel Pouch Set for the friend who needs more organizers for her skincare and makeup products. She can use this for travel and home organization.

Price: $19.99 from Target


For the friend who geeks out over skincare tech:

How about a skincare gift that uses some of the latest technology in anti-aging? Franz’s Stem Cell Ampoule is made with a groundbreaking 10% concentration of human-adipose-derived stem cell culture. The ampoule activates collagen production while protecting your skin from moisture loss and damage.

Basically, this will help your friend’s skin tap into its natural repair processes, restoring the balance we often lose as we get older. Your friend will love getting something that is unique and effective in skincare.

Price: $15.00 from Franz Skincare


For friends who need to be reminded of how awesome they are:

Choose your own quotes and design with a “You’re My People” Friends Mug that your bestie can look at every time she enjoys her morning coffee.

Price: $13.99 from Gossby


For the friend who likes simple (yet stylish) jewelry:

A Lean on Me Gold Ear Cuff is perfect for the friend who doesn’t want anything flashy. Plus, they can use this even if they don’t have pierced ears!

Price: $50.00 from Aurate


For the picky friend who you just can’t decide what to get for:

Buying for anyone else can be challenging. If you’re not sure what to get, opt for a Franz Skincare Gift Card. Your friend can pick out what they like best!