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Best Girlfriend Gift Ideas: Spoil Her with Skincare

Best Girlfriend Gift Ideas: Spoil Her with Skincare - Franz Skincare USA

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When a memorable occasion comes along — like the holidays, an anniversary, or a birthday — you want to treat the special female in your life to something she’ll love. And what better way to say you care than with a gift she can really use and enjoy: skincare? We’ll cover the best girlfriend gift ideas in the Franz Skincare gift guide below.

Of course, every girlfriend is different. But women of all ages know and appreciative the power of a good skincare routine. High-quality products are also a must, so you can rarely go wrong with a present that adds to her daily skincare rituals.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend, and, bonus: most of them are under $100.

FRANZ's Holiday Gift Guide


Jet Microcurrent Dual Face Mask

If your girlfriend already has a skincare routine, she might be familiar with preventative skin care products.

Basically, preventative anti-aging means caring for your skin long before the signs of aging start to show (or advance further). Much like eating well and exercising to prevent disease in your body, preventative skincare strives to keep your skin thriving into old age.

Many women also lead busy lives — traveling, working, going out, and taking care of those around them. Over time, a busy schedule can take a toll on the skin.

Jet Microcurrent Dual Face Masks solve these problems. Each mask uses our revolutionary Tissue X® technology to act as an at-home, non-invasive facelift.

Tissue X® creates an earthquake-like movement (but gentler) across the face to massage the skin and open up the pores. The mask releases anti-aging ingredients that penetrate six times deeper than topical masks. The result is tightened, toned, and hydrated skin to “reset” common damage and prevent signs of aging.

Price: $40.00 for two treatments


Amy C.

The best mask in the world. I cannot go to salon during Pandemic , this is the same grade of doing a facial with specialist but save me time and money ! I am doing this 2 days a week . I got so much compliment on my skin


Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner

If you’re looking for a unique beauty gift for your girlfriend, try a stem cell culture toner.

The Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner combines science and nature for unmatched results from a face toner. It has a few notable features:

  • Made with a 1,000 ppm human stem cell culture solution extract. The formula contains stem cells with human-growth factors proven to have advanced regenerative and healing effects.
  • Strengthens skin immunity. Tissue-activating cytokines and skin growth factors in the toner boost skin immunity and promote collagen synthesis.
  • Uses ultra-low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. Super-small hyaluronic acid molecules promote maximum absorption into the skin while pulling moisture into the deepest layers.

Gift your girlfriend a skincare product that will promote collagen growth, pH balance, and cell turnover. She’ll be impressed by the techy side of this product — and she’ll love the physical effects of using it daily.

Price: $60.00


Tamara R.

I love the way this glides on my skin. It feels as though it keeps my face hydrated longer than any other toner and has a bonus of a tightening effect. I’m putting this in my twice daily routine.


Everyday Essence Hydrating Face Serum

Gift her some of the most potent skincare ingredients in one bottle. Face serums are a must for everyone who wants to give their skin some daily love.

You can’t go wrong with a quality face serum as a girlfriend gift, and the Everyday Essence Face Serum doesn’t disappoint. Each drop contains powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, antimicrobial minerals, and antioxidants.

The hyaluronic acid and ceramides help lock in maximum hydration. The minerals and antioxidants help smooth and soothe the skin while addressing common problems like scarring and dark or red spots.

Of course, you know your girlfriend is beautiful just as she is. A high-quality face serum will just complement that beauty and give her another valuable step in her skincare ritual. It’s a form of self-care that many people don’t give themselves, so remind her that she’s that important.

Price: $60.00


Sun C.

I have only been using for three days, and so much of the dryness is gone, and it is so moisturized! This product is so perfect for people with dry skin, and now my skin is moisturized for the whole day! It also absorbs very quickly. If I use this product long term, I really think it will help my skin! I really recommend this product!


Wrinkle Away RED Microcurrent Dual Eye Mask

Dark undereye spots are a common complaint. Some of us have them from too little sleep or too much stress, while others are genetically inclined to have dark bags. If your girlfriend struggles with dark undereye circles for any reason, a clinically proven eye mask is the perfect gift.

The Wrinkle Away RED Microcurrent Dual Eye Mask uses the microcurrent technology we mentioned above to target fine lines and get rid of dark circles under and around the eyes.

These eye masks contain two layers: the first Enriching Mask contains firming peptides to restore elasticity and bounce to areas with fine lines. The second Empowering Mask contains a Boosting Elixir and microcurrent technology that tones, tightens, and deeply hydrates the undereye area.

Plus, the mask has a beautiful gold coating that helps boost the effects of the microcurrent technology. It’s the ultimate gift idea for a girlfriend who deserves more “her” time to pamper and relax. And with three treatments in one, she (and you) can get the most out of each box.

Price: $50.00 for three treatments


Sherry S.

These eye masks really make my eyes look brighter and more awake. I've always had dark circles and this is the first time a product has actually made a difference in diminishing them significantly.


Jet Two-Week Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask Set

Want to splurge a little more on your gift? Combine gifts #1 and #3 above into a Two-Week Jet Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask Set. It’s a great way to let your girlfriend try out a Franz Skincare system and experience the benefits within two weeks.

The set includes four microcurrent dual masks and one bottle of Everyday Essence face serum. Each product feels great on the skin while delivering real results. The set also allows her to use the masks as recommended: twice a week for two weeks while using the face serum morning and night.

You’ll gift her a fantastic new skincare set while saving some money on the bundle price.

Price: $140.00 for four Jet mask treatments and one Everday Essence serum


Jin Y.

I love this product! I always work until very late, and I have really dry skin, so I have really big eye bags and wrinkles which I just can't get rid of. I stumbled upon this mask, and it was AMAZING. I looked hydrated and my fine lines were greatly diminished after one use! It's a treat for my skin and I will make it a routine :)

All of the above products work well together, too, so you can combine as needed for whatever your girlfriend needs most. For more gift-giving ideas, check out our Holiday Gift Guide.