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Biotech Beauty:
Take a Deep Dive into Biotechnology in Skin Care

Biotech Beauty:<br> Take a Deep Dive into Biotechnology in Skin Care - Franz Skincare USA

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  • Combining science with nature, biotech beauty is the new future of skincare. What is biotech beauty? In short, it means fusing lab-made ingredients with natural ingredients or processes. A company might make ingredients and combine them with natural ingredients or produce lab-made versions of natural ingredients. Many consumers and companies are getting excited about the potential this brings. For one, it’s often more sustainable. Biotechnology in skin care also ensures safer and better-quality ingredients.

    Let’s dive into the details and how FRANZ utilizes the best biotechnology in skin care for our customers.

  • Top 3 benefits of biotechnology in skin care
  • Top 3 benefits of biotechnology in skin care

    Although it sounds super-scientific, a biotech beauty product can be much better for your skin and the world than other products. The main benefits are:

    • Quality control: science-based products are more likely to be reliable in quality control and safety
    • Friendly for the environment: biotech products are often “greener” than products marketed as “all-natural,” and you avoid the use of palm oil
    • Less costly: Biotech beauty products often cost less for consumers — and they have research to support their effectiveness, unlike many cosmetic brands
  • How FRANZ Skincare fits into biotech beauty

    At FRANZ, we use technology and chemistry to upgrade the natural processes of healthy skincare. Our lab has taken the reigns of biotechnology in skincare products with our patented, non-invasive transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) known as Tissue X®. Rather than stay surface-level, our products heal your skin from within.

    We combined dermatology, chemistry, and medical engineering to deliver nutrients and healing ingredients deep inside your skin. That’s the place where restoration and regeneration happens. The science to penetrate deep skin layers plus clinically proven, high-quality ingredients means long-term results.

  • Microcurrent technology and reverse osmosis

    Our products use some of the most exciting anti-aging innovations of biotechnology in skin care. Here’s how.

  • Penetrate the skin barrier deeper

    Penetrate the skin barrier deeper

    Tissue X® is the microcurrent technology used in all of our sheet facial masks.

    What is microcurrent technology? Traditionally, microcurrent facials happen in a dermatologist’s office using electrical waves on the face. Microcurrent facials provide a “workout” for your face muscles to tone, tighten, and plump the skin. However, time, cost, and inaccessibility prevent many people from getting these facials.

    Our masks harness the power of the ocean for a microcurrent facial right at home. Tissue X® uses the physics of freshwater colliding with salt water to create natural waves. But instead of water moving in the oceans, the process happens across your skin’s surface.

    The microcurrent technology acts as a gentle earthquake to open up your skin’s pores. Then, healing and hydrating ingredients from our masks get six times deeper into your skin than leading face masks.

  • Hydrating hyaluronic acid molecules

    Hydrating hyaluronic acid molecules

    Hydration is an essential component in healthy skin and anti-aging, and hyaluronic acid is a critical ingredient for hydration.

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugar found naturally in your skin. It’s incredibly hydrating and a key ingredient in anti-aging skincare products. However, HA molecules must be small enough to penetrate the skin’s barrier and deliver moisture. This is where many skincare products fall short. Essentially, the product might contain great ingredients, but most of the benefits are lost on the surface of your skin.

    Only HA molecules that weigh less than 500 Daltons (units that measure mass) can penetrate the skin. This is known as the “500 Dalton rule” in skincare. So, when it comes to hydrating HA molecules, the smaller, the better.

    The HA in our products is small enough to reach the deepest layers of your skin. At the same time, the Tissue X® technology opens up your pores to allow larger molecules in for the most effective hydration.

    We offer three tiers of microcurrent masks:

  • Jet Microcurrent Dual Mask

    Jet Microcurrent Dual Mask for instant hydration and glow on-the-go: boost collagen production and reduce acne scars, pores, and dark spots — uses hyaluronic acid and ceramide to lock in moisture

    Premium Microcurrent Dual Mask

    Premium Microcurrent Dual Mask to address the first signs of aging, restart collagen production, and protect your skin from further damage — uses over 300 times smaller hyaluronic acid molecules

    Saint 21 Gold Dual Mask

    Saint 21 Gold Dual Mask to reset the advanced signs of aging — uses adenosine to stimulate collagen production and oligo hyaluronic acid that is 25 percent smaller than the average-sized molecules


    Layer any of our masks with a face serum for the most significant results.

    We also have neck masks to tighten and firm the skin.

  • Microcurrent technology

    Reverse osmosis

    Osmosis is a natural process where water moves from a low concentration to a high concentration solution. We can see examples of osmosis in our everyday lives. We also use reverse osmosis to purify water and make it safe for drinking.

    FRANZ masks use the action of your body’s own electric osmosis to allow for higher absorption. Microcurrent technology opens up the pores, letting HA and other hydrating ingredients deep inside. Science merges with nature for the most effective results possible.

    Unlike other procedures that work to reverse aging, our microcurrent masks do not require any needles, tools, devices, or recovery time.

  • Microcurrent vs. botox:
    How FRANZ masks compare

    Botox fillers are a popular option for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It starts with an injection of botulinum toxin A, temporarily paralyzing face muscles at the injection site. As the botox sets in, the face muscles slowly relax.

    Microcurrent facials are the natural, less-invasive cousin to botox fillers. Instead of worrying about recovery time, weird reactions, injections, or regular appointments, you can get a microcurrent facial at home. Microcurrent facials tighten and tone your face muscles, helping to reduce aging signs and plump up the skin.

    At FRANZ Skincare, we care most about actual results. Everything you purchase is from our own lab using our unique formulations. Try out the power of biotech beauty by adding research-backed, nature-inspired products to your skincare routine.