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Fall skincare: Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?

Fall skincare: Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? - Franz Skincare USA

In this article :

Learn How to Handle:

1. Summer freckles and dark spots
2. General skin dryness
3. Dry face patches
4. Cracked lips


Bring out the cute boots, the cozy sweaters, and your favorite jackets! Fall is a gorgeous time of year. But as the hot summer weather fades away and the air gets cooler, that change in temperature and humidity can draw moisture out of the skin, making it feel dry, flaky, even scaly. And summer may have brought extra freckles or dark spots that you'd also like to deal with!

Every skin area – your body, face, even your lips – can have its own issues and recommended therapies. We’ve got tips to tackle them each and prepare for the colder days ahead.


What works on summer freckles and dark spots?

Freckles and dark spots – we call these ‘pigmentation areas’ – are very common at the end of summer, after more prolonged sun exposure. Franz Skincare recommends trying to manage them before the next summer arrives, with products that have good research and science behind their results:

  • Vitamin C and niacinamide – these are both effective skin brighteners, so look for serums or creams with those ingredients in the formulation
  • Undereye patches with ingredients that break down pigmentation are another good option
  • Keep using sun care products! Even as the seasons change, don’t cut back on the SPF / UPF grade you use – sunlight during the fall & winter can still be damaging.

What to try:

Franz's NAKED Sunshield Peptide Patch provides strong 50+ UPF grade protection while defending the delicate and dry skin under the eyes with a brightening & hydrating solution.

 Adding essence or serum can help your skin hydration in the drier season

Why does Fall weather make my skin so dry?

Most people know how important hydration is for skin, but it’s doubly important in dry, cooler weather. Fall weather can wreak havoc, suddenly turning dehydrated skin into flaky, itchy skin, or even into dermatitis or eczema.

That’s why, this time of year, many people notice that their usual moisturizing isn’t cutting it anymore. Our favorite tips?

  • Try applying skincare products in multiple thin layers. Start with lightweight formulations and then layer thicker, heavier products on top
  • Use high-nutrition ampoules or serums in between your daily regimen
  • Implement a proper exfoliation practice, since skin tends to increase sebum secretion during transitional seasons. A simple steam-towel massage can work wonders – it improves blood circulation, opens up pores, and softens the skin, and then a gentle scrub will roll away dead skin cells and excess sebum without causing too much irritation.


What about dry patches on my face?

Dry, flaky skin on the face is frustrating – and getting the balance right, so skin is neither too oily nor too dry, can also be challenging. Dr. Neal Shultz, in InStyle Magazine, notes, “Those flakes prevent moisturizers from fixing dry skin, so getting rid of them is a must to allow moisturizers to work, as well as to remedy the unattractive look of dull, flaky skin."

Here are some time-worn ways to gently care for extra-dry facial skin:

  • Use gentle cleansers and cool or warm, not hot, water
  • You might need to moisturize twice daily in cool weather
  • Make sure your moisturizer has face-friendly ingredients, like hyaluronic acid or glycerin
  • Regular use of facial masks can help restore moisture loss

What to try:

Two of our products, Everyday Essence and the Jet Plus Microcurrent Facial Mask, are great for this time of year – they give deeper skin hydration and calm dry skin.

 Your skin and lips may suffer from dryness when the weather changes

Why are my lips so dry?

Lips tend to chap and crack easily, because they don’t have oil glands, like most of our body. They’re also the thinnest and most sensitive part of the facial skin! When the temperature fluctuates and the air becomes drier, this might happen even more frequently.

  • Apply a lip balm generously during the day and at night to lock in moisture
  • Drink plenty of water and cover lips with a scarf in very cold weather
  • For some people, a lip mask helps them become softer and smoother


Sticking to these basic skincare practices should help improve your skin's health and appearance, even in the colder season. Then you enjoy Fall and be ready to jump into Spring with clearer, more radiant skin.