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Franz Difference

Franz Difference - Franz Skincare USA

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  • The FRANZ Difference

    The FRANZ Difference

    Wrinkles, dark spots, acne, sagging skin…take a walk down any skincare aisle in your local beauty store and you’ll see shelves full of skincare products promising a quick cure to all your skincare concerns. The problem with most of these products is they only focus on the outermost layer of the skin often resulting in temporary and/or short-lived results.

    Here at Franz Skincare, we take a different approach to skincare. Rooted in science and the tradition of Korean skincare which emphasizes natural healing through high quality ingredients and tried and true methods, Franz Skincare provides skincare solutions that heal your skin from within and result in lasting anti-aging skincare that you can see and feel from the inside out.

  • Clinically Proven Results

    Clinically Proven Results

    Inspired by the ocean, Franz award-winning Tissue X® microcurrent technology harnesses the power of water to create tiny, rejuvenating waves across your face while helping the mask’s essence penetrate 6x deeper than topical face masks and without the cost, pain and hassle of clinical procedures. Known as the “at-home facelift” because of its ability to leave skin feeling tightened, toned and instantly hydrated, visual examination of skin improvement continuity tests by dermatologists showed FRANZ improved skin by 95% and provided results that were superior to most professional procedures performed by licensed physicians and practitioners.

    Ready to experience The FRANZ Difference for yourself? Shop the Franz Skincare Collection today and discover flawless skin from the inside out!

  • Flawless Skin from the Inside Out

    Flawless Skin from the Inside Out

    When it comes to skincare, most of the topical products on the market only scratch the surface of skincare and do not address long-term results. Realizing the need for a more effective delivery method that would send nutrients and healing ingredients deep inside the inner skin where long-lasting results occur, Franz Skincare developed a patented unique transdermal delivery process called “Tissue X® Microcurrent Technology which has opened up new horizons when it comes to addressing and solving various skin concerns and needs, all from the comfort of home.

    Dubbed “a game changer” in the world of skincare, Franz Skincare’s unique transdermal delivery process, which is found in their Microcurrent Masks, allows skincare ingredients to penetrate 6x’s deeper into the layers of the skin than regular sheet masks or topical products alone.

  • Cutting-Edge Ingredients

    Cutting-Edge Ingredients

    With knowledge from many different areas within the scientific community, Franz uses a variety of cutting-edge and high-quality ingredients that are clinically proven to provide long-term regenerative results.

    Franz Skincare Serums are specially formulated with a Hyaluronic Acid Complex with varying sizes of Hyaluronic Acid molecules. The different sizes allow for deeper layers to absorb these deeply hydrating molecules. To put it simply, the surface of the skin can handle larger molecules, but deeper layers of your skin require smaller molecules. The inner, deep layers of your skin is where all long-term, meaningful repair happens. By having these differing sizes, all skin types will feel hydrated, all the way to the inner layers.

    When coupled with their patented microcurrent mask delivery process, Franz Skincare formulations ensure that the nourishing and reparative ingredients in their products are not just sitting on the surface of the skin but are reaching the inner most layers where long-term reconstruction and regeneration occurs.