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Franz Eye Masks: How Do They Smooth Away Wrinkles?

Franz Eye Masks: How Do They Smooth Away Wrinkles? - Franz Skincare USA

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Eye masks have become popular options for skincare because of the amazing benefits you can receive from them. If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes or crow's feet, fine lines, and wrinkles, then you've likely considered using an eye mask as part of your skin routine.

One of our most popular products here at Franz is our eye masks. The numerous benefits they offer have our customers continuing to repurchase them. If you're on the fence about trying our eye masks, maybe we can convince you by explaining to you how our eye masks get rid of wrinkles around your eyes!

How the Franz Eye Masks Work

In terms of eye masks, we currently offer our Wrinkle Away RED Microcurrent Dual Eye Mask meant to target the wrinkles around your eye area. These eye masks use our unique Tissue X® microcurrent technology to tighten and tone your skin while also providing healing up to six times deeper than other eye masks. These perks lead to impressive hydration, repair, and prevention of further damage.

These masks also include firming peptides that help restore elasticity to your skin by helping your body to produce more collagen. This boost will allow you to see an impressive reduction in wrinkles around your eyes, even crow's feet! However, wrinkle reduction isn't all these masks offer. You'll also notice better hydration, brightness, and firmness all around your eye area. These masks are like an eye lift without the need for needles!

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What is Tissue X® Technology?

Our unique Tissue X® Technology was created by taking the movement of the ocean and making it super tiny and in the form of skincare. Our microcurrent masks cause a microscopic wave of water directly on your skin through this technology, giving your skin a little massage while you wear the mask.

The waves provided by the Tissue X® technology allow for your facial treatment to penetrate your skin up to six times deeper than other topical face products, giving you impressive results from deep within. The results you will see using our microcurrent eye masks will have you looking like you received a professional treatment in an office when all you did was a mask at home!

One of the best parts of Tissue X® is that it is using the power of water to give you these results. We have worked diligently to be able to provide you with natural skincare solutions that use the things nature has already given us. This will allow you to be less likely to have reactions to our products and to feel good about using products that are close to nature.

How to Use Our Eye Mask

In order to use our eye mask correctly, you will want to follow the instructions correctly, allowing you to see the best results possible.

Step One
Wash your face thoroughly. This will allow you to have a clean slate to put your eye mask onto, maximizing the benefits you will receive.

Step Two
Apply the wet eye mask onto your face under your eyes.

Step Three
Add the boosting essence (our ELIXIR) to the sheet mask portion of your eye mask. There will be two white square ion cells on the back of the sheet mask, and that is where you want to apply the ELIXIR. Once applied, make sure the serum has soaked in completely.

Step Four
Once you have activated the sheet mask with the ELIXIR, place the mask directly on top of the wet mask you applied in step two, with the square ion cells of the top mask facing out. You will want to gently pat the top mask onto the bottom one to ensure that they have been fully sealed together. Then, sit back and relax for 20-25 minutes.

Step Five
After the application time is up, take both masks off and gently massage your skin. This mask doesn't need to be washed off, so you will want to massage as much of the serum as possible into your skin!

Frequency of Use
For best results, we recommend using our eye mask twice a week for the first two weeks, then going down to a weekly application for a long-term maintenance regimen.

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How to Get the Most Out of Franz Eye Masks

While our Wrinkle Away eye mask works wonderfully on its own, we have some other products that work great with it to maximize the benefits you will see from the mask!

Botalin Age Repair Eye Serum

This serum fights against dark spots and the early signs of aging around your eyes. The application of this serum will allow you to see visible improvement in the brightness, firmness, and smoothness of the skin around your eyes. We recommend layering this serum under the Wrinkle Away mask to boost the performance of both products!

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Everyday Essence Facial Serum

This face serum is a must-have for any anti-aging routine, thanks to its lightweight formula and incredible hydration. When you use this serum, you will notice irritated skin is soothed, and dark circles are lightened. We recommend applying a few drops of this serum every day between your eye mask applications for preventative care!

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Stem Cell Culture Medium Ampoule

This treatment is the deepest-healing skincare treatment we offer. It has an impressive 10% concentration of human adipose stem cells, which helps to heal your skin and activate your collagen production for the prevention of future damage. If you're looking to get an impressive amount of visible improvement out of your first eye mask application, apply this treatment under your face mask!

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Our eyes are sometimes the first spot on our face to show signs of aging, so it's important to do all you can to prevent and reverse aging! Fortunately, we have made that easy for you by offering you an impressive line of anti-aging products, including our eye mask and serums, to help the masks work to the best of their abilities! Adding the Franz Wrinkle Away eye masks into your skincare routine is sure to impress you!