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How a Microcurrent Facial Will Transform Your Skin This Summer

How a Microcurrent Facial Will Transform Your Skin This Summer - Franz Skincare USA

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There’s no better time than summer to upgrade your skincare. While spending time in the sun, make sure you’re taking good care of your body’s largest organ. And one of the best ways to do that is with an at-home microcurrent facial.

At Franz Skincare, we know the importance of accessible skincare options.
Most of us don’t want to spend the time or money on in-office, invasive procedures. That’s why we’ve made it possible to get the world’s first natural, non-invasive facelift at home.

The power of microcurrent technology

Our Microcurrent Facial Dual Masks use the revolutionary Tissue X® technology, which harnesses the power of water to create tiny, rejuvenating waves across your face. The technology tones and tightens without needing electricity or other complicated measures.

During five extensive years of research, we collaborated with Seoul National University’s leading scientists to create Tissue X® for at-home face masks that do everything from refreshing the skin to reversing advanced signs of aging.

How it works

Our microcurrent masks are powered by a natural process inspired by the ocean’s waves. Ions are exchanged as water moves from salty ocean water to fresh river water.

The back-and-forth process creates an earthquake-like motion that opens up the pores. The skin is primed to receive healing ingredients as deeply as possible.

The benefits of microcurrent for your summer skincare

Daily life takes a toll on your skin, especially during the summer.
While you can’t prevent many of the factors that cause aging skin, you can nourish your skin to prevent further aging.

Here are some of the top benefits of microcurrent technology for your summer skin:

The deepest anti-aging abilities

The quality of your skincare depends on its depth. In other words, skincare ingredients aren’t effective unless they can penetrate the skin.
Even the highest-quality ingredients will be pointless if they just sit on your skin.

So, you need a way to get anti-aging ingredients deep within your skin’s layers. That’s where true healing and age-reversing happen.

Microcurrent facials are the answer. Tissue X® allows active ingredients to penetrate your outer skin barrier, delivering ingredients into the deepest skin layer. The best part is that you get clinical results without extra tools, needles, or devices.

Ultimate hydration

Dehydration is a significant factor in premature aging signs. The outer layer of your skin needs moisture to deliver nutrients, flush out toxins, and more.

Often, simple moisturizers aren’t enough. You need regular skincare routines that maximize hydration. Microcurrent facials deliver targeted moisture into the skin while moving hydration as deep as possible.

Rejuvenating ingredients

Besides the revolutionary microcurrent technology, these facial masks contain the highest-quality anti-aging ingredients. For example, our masks contain oligo hyaluronic acid, up to 250 times smaller than standard hyaluronic acid in other products.

Other anti-aging ingredients in our masks include:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen, which promotes greater skin elasticity and plump, youthful skin texture

  • Elastin to encourage skin elasticity and firmness

  • Adenosine, an anti-wrinkle ingredient with restorative, skin-soothing properties

  • Copper tripeptide-1 to visibly repair skin by stimulating collagen production

  • Ceramides, fats that create a barrier to lock in moisture and protect from environmental damage

  • Retinyl palmitate to help boost collagen production and aid in cell turnover

  • Panthenol to soften skin and reduce itching, redness, and inflammation

The result is plump, toned, tightened skin that stays youthful and vibrant as you enjoy the summer season.

How to give yourself a microcurrent facial at home

First, it’s best to know what type of microcurrent mask is best for you. At Franz, we offer three different types of dual masks depending on your needs:

The Jet Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask is lightweight and fast-absorbing for whenever you need a quick, effective hydration boost. You can use it before applying makeup, after a long day of travel, or as a morning reset after a long night of partying.

Jet Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

The Saint 21 Gold Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask is our gold standard of anti-aging, a powerhouse product preferred by spas and clinics worldwide. It’s perfect for addressing advanced signs of aging by lifting, firming, and toning the skin. Plus, its luxe gold coating promotes better adhesion and use of our microcurrent technology.

Saint 21 Gold Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

Choose the best mask for you (or try all three!), then follow these easy steps:

  1. Fully cleanse and dry your skin.

  2. Remove the wet Enriching Mask from its pouch and apply it to your cleansed face.

  3. Remove the Empowering Mask from its pouch. Open the Boosting Essence and squeeze the liquid onto the two white squares on each side of the Empowering Mask. Make sure the liquid is fully absorbed into each ion cell.

  4. Apply the now-activated Empowering Mask on top of the Enriching Mask. Pat gently with your fingers to ensure the two masks are sealed tightly. (The small, white ion cells on the Empowering Mask should be facing out.)

  5. Relax for 20-25 minutes as the mask works its magic.

  6. Remove both masks and gently massage any remaining Essence into your skin. Do not wash it off.

For the best results this summer, use your masks twice a week for the first two weeks. Then, you can reduce to once a week for anti-aging maintenance.

At Franz, we want you to have the best summer ever this year. That includes feeling fabulous and confident in your skin. Our microcurrent face masks are designed to transform your skin and protect from further damage as you go out there and enjoy your life!

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