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How Does Franz Skincare Differentiate From Other Skin Care Kits?

How Does Franz Skincare Differentiate From Other Skin Care Kits? - Franz Skincare USA

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  • How Does Franz Skincare Differentiate From Other Skin Care Kits?

    Looking for game-changing staple products for your skincare routine? It’s never too early or too late to get started on your anti-aging routine! With collagen production beginning to wane in your 20s, it helps to get started as early as possible. Prevention is key when it comes to your skin and investing in effective and innovative skincare products can make a world of a difference. However, no matter what age, beginning to prioritize your skin will leave you with noticeable differences in the look and feel of your face. Any age is the perfect one to begin caring about the look and feel of your face.

    So if you’re looking for a product that’s worth both your time and money, Franz Skincare is a must.

  • How Does Franz Skincare Differentiate From Other Skin Care Kits?

    What Makes Franz So Unique?

    With so many products available on the market, figuring out which product to move forward with can easily become an overwhelming choice. One of the most important aspects of a skincare product is its ability to get deep into the skin to make necessary changes. However, many products lack this ability and are only treating your skin on an incredibly surface level. While others may provide results, they’re often temporary and don’t address the underlying problems behind the issue. This creates an ongoing cycle of trying product after product or undergoing painful procedures to get results that last.

    One of the revolutionary aspects that makes Franz Skincare stand out is how deeply the products penetrate into the skin. So what makes this possible?

  • Tissue X® microcurrent technology

    Unlike many other face masks available for purchase, Franz Skincare uses a patented technology known as TISSUE X® Microcurrent Technology, made through collaboration with the leading scientists at Seoul National University. The groundbreaking Tissue X® microcurrent technology harnesses the power of water to create tiny, rejuvenating waves across your face. Thanks to these waves, the body is then able to use natural reverse osmosis. This allows for the mask’s ingredients to penetrate 6x deeper than any other topical face mask, as the microcurrent facial mask allows for the skin’s pores to fully open up.

    Along with the patented technology, each mask also contains high-quality and active ingredients. The ingredients include naturally occurring ones such as hyaluronic acid, elastin peptide, and collagen. Together, these ingredients are safe for the skin and also highly effective in restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and appearance. This combination of microcurrent technology along with highly effective ingredients results in a more even skin tone and brighter and tighter skin all while mimicking a ‘facelift.’ The results speak for themselves with clinically proven results in 95% of people’s skin.

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  • THow Does Franz Skincare Differentiate From Other Skin Care Kits?

    Tackle Different Issues with Different Kits

    While some skincare creams and serums are one and done, Franz Skincare takes a different approach. Everyone has their own specific skin care woes and issues that they’re looking to tackle. Whether your issue is fine lines, dark spots, or both - there’s a skincare kit that can readily address and combat it.

    For those of us with deep wrinkles looking for advanced anti-aging treatment, the Anti-Aging Repair + Smoothing Duo is the perfect option. The kit works with our Stem Cell Culture Medium Ampoule and the Saint 21 Gold Dual Microcurrent Facial Mask. Our stem cell ampoule uses a 10% concentration of skin cell culture containing all the growth factors that help nourish the skin.

    When used together, the two treatments accelerate the repair of your skin by providing intense hydration.

    If you’ve only just begun to notice the signs of aging or are seeing discoloration, then the Intensive Two-Week Repair and Reset kit is ideal. With the Two-Week Repair kit, the two products work together to stimulate cell regeneration and active collagen production in order to heal damaged skin and protect it from further sun damage.

    For many, eyes tend to be the first place where the signs of age begin to show. If dark circles and fine lines around the eyes are the issues, then the Eye Essentials Set is perfect. The eye masks deeply hydrate and reduce signs of puffiness.

    The biggest advantage to the Franz kits is that they hydrate from the inside - allowing for deep, regenerative repairs to actually take place.

  • No Needles, No Downtime

    For the longest time, the only way to achieve a youthful glow or reverse the signs of aging has been through expensive procedures and painful tools. These procedures often involve an invasive approach with a considerable healing period. With the Franz Skincare Kits, you can reverse the exact signs of aging that are burdening your skin without the use of expensive tools and without having to pause your everyday life or schedule for an invasive treatment. This helps save time and money and provides actual results that you can see.