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Make It a Valentine’s Date Night With These Top Products for a Virtual Spa Party

Make It a Valentine’s Date Night With These Top Products for a Virtual Spa Party - Franz Skincare USA

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The world around us is changing and we can all agree that going out on Valentine’s Day has become highly overrated. Busy restaurants and over planned date nights are all relics of the past. Instead of stressing out on V-Day, why not Zen out with a virtual spa party? Whether you’re calling your favorite gal pals or having a zoom spa night with your mom, there are so many fun ways to enjoy your Valentine’s night.

Prepare to indulge in the closest spa experience you can get with our top 3 favorite FRANZ skincare products. These are our absolute favorite go-to’s for when we’re looking to feel pampered and luxurious. Peek at our list and be prepared to treat yourself to a night that will leave you feeling extra loved. 

Our Top Products for A Virtual Spa Party 

A perfect spa date requires the right materials to leave you feeling right. Outside of the champagne and strawberries, here are the skincare products that will have you feeling like you just walked out of the spa. 

The Essential Face Mask for an At-Home Face Lift

Our SAINT 21 Gold Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask is the perfect option if you’re looking to target a wide variety of skincare concerns. If you don't have an entire esthetician's toolkit at home, don't worry: this mask doesn't require any. That’s what makes it so special! This mask is a powerhouse all on its own as it was designed as a restorative anti-aging treatment that firms, lifts, and tones the skin.

 The luxurious gold coating improves adherence, allowing the Tissue X® microcurrent technology to work more effectively. Thus, allowing the anti-aging ingredients to enter as deeply into the skin as possible. You’ll walk away looking like you got a facelift without any of the doctor’s work. Plus, the gold-colored masks make for the perfect group photo aesthetic! 

Target and Repair Damage with Our Deeply Nourishing Skincare Treatment

Spa nights are all about winding down and restoring your skin. With the Stem Cell Culture Medium Ampoule, you can begin to immediately heal your skin thanks to its 10% concentration of human-adipose-derived stem cell culture. Our revolutionary stem cell serum treats skin at the cellular level. It increases cell development, which activates collagen creation, while also preserving the skin from potential injury and moisture loss, which is a key factor in aging.You and your friends will walk away with a youthful glow that will make you feel like you were just pampered by an esthetician. 

Revitalize Tired Eyes with Our Eye Serum 

Tired of waking up looking tired? Plump up your eye area with an eye serum that really works! The Botalin Age Repair Eye Serum is the perfect addition to your spa night. An all-in-one eye serum that eliminates dark spots and protects against the first signs of aging around the eyes. This potent eye serum, designed to penetrate the face rapidly, tightens skin to diminish wrinkles while brightening to eliminate under-eye circles. Thanks to how nutrient-dense the formulation is, you and your friends will instantly see a change in the appearance of your eyes. 

Don’t Neglect Your Neck 

Why should our faces be the only part of us that gets to enjoy a relaxing skincare mask? After all, our necks can often reveal our age before any other part of us has a chance to. To really amp up your spa party, introduce your gals to the Neck Care Microcurrent Dual Mask. Our Neck Care Microcurrent Dual Mask fortifies the skin around the neck by lifting, firming, tightening, and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles in the neck region. The hydrating and healing components in the wet Enriching Mask are abundant. The dry Empowering Mask uses the Tissue X® microcurrent technology that then sends the skin-renewing ingredients of the wet Enriching Mask 6x deeper into the skin. They have been clinically shown to tighten and tone skin when used together.

Finish Everything Off with An Incredibly Hydrating Moisturizer 

After taking care to mask your face and apply serums, it’s important to use a face cream to seal in all of that moisture. Applying our Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream will leave all of you with skin that feels incredibly hydrated and smooth. Rosewater, rose flower oil, and Centella Asiatica extract are key ingredients that work together to minimize symptoms of aging and bring out your skin's natural radiance. The gals will love the relaxing pink hue, smooth texture, and gentle, wild floral aroma of the moisturizer. The best part is that moving forward, you can use this moisturizer every day! If there’s one product that every skincare routine absolutely needs, it is a moisturizer that is nutrient-rich and protects against environmental damage.