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The 7 Best Skincare-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

The 7 Best Skincare-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her - Franz Skincare USA

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Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity to remind that special someone how much you care. And this year, you might want to do things differently in the gift department. Maybe you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her that go a little beyond the traditional.

Have you considered skincare technology? If not, we’d argue you’ve both been missing out. You can give her a gift that comes science with skincare for products that pamper, hydrate, tone, and rejuvenate.

1. Premium Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

It’s the world’s first microcurrent non-invasive facelift at home! Our masks use the power of water — through Tissue X® microcurrent technology — to create tiny, rejuvenating waves across the face.

Basically, the technology uses exchanging ions to gently open up the pores and allow anti-aging ingredients to penetrate the skin further. The result is a tightened, toned, hydrated appearance. It’s all the benefits of going to a doctor’s office without any tools or needles.

The Premium Microcurrent Mask is our middle-of-the-road mask, meaning it’s perfect for everyone, no matter their skin concerns. This makes it the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one who loves nourishing their skin (and practicing preventative anti-aging!).

2. Couples’ Spa Night In

Share the skincare love this V-day. Buy your partner a microcurrent mask — and then get yourself one, too!

Many women enjoy the sacred ritual of a skincare routine, and they would also love to share that experience with their special someone. Surprise her this year with high-quality skincare tech face masks and a fun spa night in together. 

3. Stem Cell Culture Medium Ampoule

She might geek out about the technology and potential of this one.

It’s an ampoule (or supercharged serum) containing a 10% human-adipose-derived stem cell culture concentration. The ampoule ingredients are incredibly potent, stimulating cell growth to activate collagen and promote healing at the cellular level.

The Stem Cell Ampoule helps smooth out the skin, fighting fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, and more. It contains the very best of K-beauty techniques and ingredients, and she’ll love the results.

4. Everyday Essence Face Serum

Could she use a high-quality, everyday face serum for a quick boost of hydration?

Maybe your boo lives an adventurous life, often travels for work, or just needs more refreshing downtime in her life. Show her she’s worth it by gifting her Everyday Essence, the perfect face serum for a boost of nutrients and hydration.

This is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her in skincare. Why? Because it’s a quick and easy dose of health for the skin. 

5. Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream

This daily moisturizer isn’t average: it’s like silky rose petals in a bottle.

The Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream contains rosewater, which is naturally anti-inflammatory and long-used for healing and soothing. It also contains rose flower oil, which provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and fights free radical production.

Plus, it has a lovely, light wildflower scent and a pleasing light pink color, guaranteed to boost the senses.

6. Intensive Two-Week Repair and Reset Program

Want to combine some of the products we’ve mentioned (and save money in the process)? We’ve got you covered: the Two-Week Repair and Reset bundle contains:

● 4 Premium Microcurrent Dual Masks
● 4 Stem Cell Culture Medium Ampoules

If your girlfriend or wife has complained about her skin feeling dry, dull, needing a bit of love, this package fits the bill. It will provide a healthy dose of hydration, nutrients, and care over two weeks.
Perfect for the woman who deserves to feel her best.

7. Saint 21 Gold Luxe Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask System

Now, we’ve saved the biggest for last. Our highest-tier anti-aging face mask system is the Saint 21 Gold Dual Mask, and we’ve bundled it with the Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream for a match made in heaven (aka in our skincare lab) to create incredible results.

The Saint 21 mask contains a luxe gold coating that boosts the effectiveness of our Tissue X® technology and allows for better adhesion. Plus, the Saint 21 system includes Wrinkle + Spot Patches to specifically target around the eyes and mouth, common early aging areas.

Her bundle will contain four Saint 21 mask treatments and a Rose Quartz Face Cream container intended for morning and night use. The result is toned, firmer, and more sculpted skin.

This Valentine’s Day, consider taking things up a notch with premium skincare products she’ll love. At Franz Skincare, we believe in products that keep their promises, make you feel amazing, and contain carefully chosen, quality ingredients. V-Day is a great time to show love to others and yourself — so why not do it with skincare?