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What Exactly Is Toner? Our Guide to The Essential Skincare Step That Will Repair Your Skin

What Exactly Is Toner? Our Guide to The Essential Skincare Step That Will Repair Your Skin - Franz Skincare USA

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Your anti-aging skin care regimen just got a whole lot more effective. If you’ve been skipping out on adding a toner to your routine, then it’s time to reconsider. Face toner is a well-kept skincare secret. The purpose of a toner is to gently refresh your skin without depriving it of its natural moisture. This ensures that the toner will not irritate delicate skin or produce excessive dryness.

The debate on whether toners are necessary for skin has been going on for years. Many dermatologists and estheticians in the United States have expressed concern with women and men wiping their faces down with such astringent products after having just washed the face. Astringent is sometimes confused with toner; however, they are two separate treatments.

The Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner

This may explain why some dermatologists believe toners are unnecessary. However, there is one key distinction to make: not all toners are derived from alcohol. Korean beauty, or K-beauty as it is more popularly known, does not include alcohol in toners.

So if you’re ready to take your anti-aging skin care to the next level, then you’ll want to pay close attention to our latest product, The Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner.

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How The Stem Cell Culture Toner Works to Restore Your Skin

The Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner intensively hydrates your skin while also increasing collagen production and balancing out the pH levels. Using this toner on a regular basis will increase cell turnover and collagen development, resulting in tighter, firmer skin. It also promotes skin immunity and a more even complexion.

Our toner contains tissue-activating components known as cytokines, as well as skin growth factors such as EGF and FGF, and is made with a human stem cell culture solution extract (1,000 ppm). Human stem cells are often too large to do anything for your skin, but we altered that at Franz Skincare. We've broken down the cells into a culture that can be used for skincare while still retaining the growth factors and other anti-aging qualities.

The toner is also high in proteins that promote skin tissue formation, such as collagen and elastin. ​​For optimal absorption, the toner also includes ultra-low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. The molecules have powerful moisture-attracting characteristics, allowing them to moisturize your skin to the deepest layers. With each use, allantoin, a natural plant extract, helps to heal and soothe skin.

You can also rest assured that our products are dermatologist approved and tested and are never tested on animals. We only offer products that are ethically sourced and FDA-approved.

The key benefits include:

  • Increases collagen production and cell turnover

  • Enhances the skin's immunity

  • Provides a balanced complexion

  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin deeply

  • Helps to address various skin concerns, including melanin suppression effect, skin elasticity, and skin barrier strength

As you use the toner daily, you'll begin to notice a change right away, and the advantages will become apparent after each application.

How To Add Our Daily Repair Stem Cell Culture Toner To Your Skincare Routine

Adding a new skincare product to your routine can be intimidating at first. If you’ve never heard of toner before, then you may not even know at which step to add it in. Toner should always be your second step since it prepares the skin to absorb your moisturizer and other skin treatments. After using a toner, other products can better penetrate the skin as the skin will be better moisturized and maintain a balanced pH.

Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner

Steps for applying the toner:

Step 1: Thoroughly wash and pat dry your skin.

Step 2: On your face, dab a tiny amount of the Stem Cell Culture Medium Toner. When applying the toner, employ a tapping motion with your fingertips to achieve complete absorption.

Step 3: For optimal results, apply a face serum (such as 101 Volumizing Face Serum) and Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream afterward.

Applying this toner daily prevents aging, hydrates, and calms skin with each use.

Which Skin Type Benefits the Most From Using the Toner?

The beauty of FRANZ skincare products is that they are formulated with every skin type in mind. Hydrating toners are vital because they restore the pH of the skin. Environmental pollution, oil production, cosmetics, and alcohol may all change the condition of your skin, and therefore its pH levels. Our toner, on the other hand, replicates the skin's natural pH. By immediately applying our toner to the skin, you assist the skin in retaining its balanced condition.

No matter what skin type you have, without a balanced pH skin becomes vulnerable to the cycle of extreme dryness followed by excessive oil production, as well as environmental harm. So, whether you’re interested in adding more moisture to your routine or naturally want to combat acne by keeping bacteria at bay with a more balanced pH, then our Daily Repair Toner will get the job done!