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Why You Need Ceramide Serum In Your Skincare Routine

Why You Need Ceramide Serum In Your Skincare Routine - Franz Skincare USA

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Whether you’re a skincare junkie or a new convert, If you've been paying attention to the ingredients in your skincare products, you've certainly noticed that ceramides are becoming a staple ingredient. It is frequently included as one of the key components in moisturizers, body lotions, serums, and cleansers. But what exactly are ceramides and do you actually need them in your skincare products?

Ceramides have a solid track record as anti-aging agents, yet they are frequently overlooked and rarely understood. So if you’ve been curious to find out more about this amazing anti-aging ingredient we'll go into detail on how ceramides help skin retain moisture and why you should use a ceramide serum in your skincare routine.

What Are Ceramides?

Ceramides are fatty acids that your body already has—they occur naturally. They are the lipids that make up almost half of the skin's outermost layer and they are naturally abundant in everyone’s skin.

What Do Ceramindes Do?

Ceramides, as the skin's natural moisturizer, assist in preserving the skin by forming a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from environmental pollutants. They have an important function in preventing dryness, irritation, and premature aging. Constant exposure to pollution, UV damage, and the natural aging process, on the other hand, can limit ceramide production over time and impact how they work in your skin.

Without ceramides present, our skin would become dry and it would begin to crack - talk about painful! Ceramides are safe for all skin types since they are naturally found in your skin, and they are particularly beneficial for those of us that suffer from extremely dry skin.

So, Why Do We Need Ceramide In Our Skincare If It Naturally Occurs?

Age and UV damage impair the performance of your skin's natural ceramides and, over time, can decrease them, weakening your skin's barrier. As the ceramides in our skin begin to diminish over time, the skin becomes drier and rougher. This then leads to wrinkles, irritation, redness, and overall dry skin. Luckily, with a little skincare knowledge, all of these issues can actually be repaired! Ceramide-containing skincare products that are well-formulated can help strengthen your skin's barrier and boost moisture. This results in skin that is renewed. A smoother, plumper complexion with fewer lines and wrinkles can all be achieved with the right products.

Topical ceramides resemble your skin's natural oils. When they are combined with other moisturizing substances, such as fatty acids, cholesterol, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin they are able to deeply hydrate the skin. Ceramides also function well with most, if not all, skincare products since they are neither acidic nor basic and will not destroy other skincare compounds. This means that you can combine them with all of the skincare products that are currently sitting in your bathroom cabinet.

Amazingly as well, ceramides work great with other anti-aging superstars such as retinols and acids. Ceramides soothe the skin and prevent skin barrier disruption, which is a side effect of these ingredients. These combinations may even improve the efficacy of ceramides if the top layer of skin is exfoliated as this allows them to permeate deeper into the skin.

Benefits of Ceramides for Skin

Now that we know why we need ceramides in our skincare, what other amazing benefits do ceramides offer the skin?

  • Repairs the skin's barrier: As we mentioned, a loss of ceramides compromises the skin's natural barrier and allows germs to enter via microscopic tears and cause discomfort. Ceramide replenishment will help to maintain the skin’s barrier for healthy skin that operates optimally againast irritants.

  • Smooths out the skin: Dry skin and fine lines are common symptoms of a weakened skin barrier. Restoring lost ceramides will help to enhance the skin's overall appearance by doing away with the symptoms of dry skin.

  • Reduces the signs of aging: As we age, our skin begins to thin, especially our skin barrier which is extremely vital in preserving and maintaining the appearance of our skin. Ceramides work to restore the barrier, helping to reverse fine lines and wrinkles.

Which Skin Types Are Ceramides Best Suited For?

Ceramides are identical to the compounds in our skin, so they are perfect for all skin types. Ceramides are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive, breakout-prone, or oily skin, because they are naturally found in your skin. They're also safe to use around the eyes as long as the product is free of fragrance and irritants.

The Everyday Essence Face Serum is Packed With Ceramides

If you’ve been looking for a skincare product packed with ceramides and other goodies for the skin, then check out the FRANZ Everyday Essence Face Serum. Our Everyday Essence Face Serum offers lightweight hydration to combat the initial symptoms of aging and guard against future damage. The volume and suppleness of your skin will be restored, leaving you with a wrinkle-free appearance.

The serum contains effective components such as a hyaluronic acid complex, ceramides, antioxidants, and antibacterial minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper. The ceramides work to aid in locking in moisture to protect your skin from environmental stresses that may wreak havoc on it. Our vitamin complex contains antioxidants that soothe sensitive skin while also addressing dark or red areas and acne scars.

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