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19 Fun Staycation Ideas to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation at Home

19 Fun Staycation Ideas to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation at Home - Franz Skincare USA

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  • You work hard throughout the year, and summer is often the time when people head out for a yearly vacation. However, 2020 was a year when people stayed home instead. And this year, many of us are still traveling less than we usually would. Whether you’re skipping vacation or want to relax away from work at home, a staycation is the perfect option.

    A true staycation makes the time more special than your average weekend — so this article will cover fun staycation ideas to try.

  • What can you do  during a staycation?

    What can you do during a staycation?

    In short, you can do whatever you want during your staycation!

    When exploring ideas, it helps to think about how you want to feel. Are you looking for adventure? Relaxation? Connection with loved ones? Maybe it’s a combination of all.

    At FRANZ Skincare, we know that self-care is a crucial part of a healthy body and skin. Turn time at home into a special time with these staycation ideas.

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    Have a movie night

    Going to the movies is fun, but watching a good flick at home can be even better. Grab some candy and drinks from the drugstore, and make a bowl of homemade popcorn for everyone to share. Turn down the lights, get out blankets and pillows, and put on the show!


    Make vacation-themed food and drinks

    Many vacation destinations are memorable for the food. Show appreciation for a location you love (or want to visit) by making the food and/or drinks it’s known for.


    Go hiking

    Hiking is an easy way to get out of the house, enjoy nature, and exercise your body at the same time. Look up popular hiking spots near where you live.


    Plan an indoor picnic

    Get out a huge blanket, make some picnic fare, and spread everything out on your living room floor. You could also take everything to your local park!


    Enjoy a spa day

    Spa days are for everyone. If you’ve endured a little extra stress lately (who hasn’t), you can easily pamper yourself during a staycation. Plus, it’s more convenient and much cheaper than going to a salon.

    Your spa day can include:

    • Manicures
    • Pedicures
    • Face masks
    • Hair blowouts
    • Calming music
    • Candles or essential oils
    • Cocktails or mocktails

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    Set up your home to feel like a hotel

    Pretend you’re staying in a luxurious suite by timing your coffee pot to brew before you wake up, setting up a comfortable outdoor couch or patio, and tidying up your space so it’s clean and ready for you to relax.


    Play boardgames

    When was the last time you played an old-school board game? Did you forget how fun they can be? Choose a few games to play with your family during your staycation. Get ready for lots of fun and laughs.


    Camp in your backyard

    Camping is a fantastic way to unplug from your phone, be in nature more, and focus on the basics. But you don’t have to leave home for this! Set up a tent in your backyard and camp out for the night.


    Spend time on a new, fun hobby

    Many of us would love extra time for hobbies outside of work and home responsibilities. Use your staycation as an excuse to do something new. Sowing, baking, scrapbooking, crocheting, and painting are all great ideas.

  • 10

    Order your favorite food for delivery

    Skip the cooking and order out from a dinner place you love!


    Prepare a candlelit dinner

    What do couples do during a staycation?
    The answer is whatever both people appreciate doing. If you want to make the time into a romantic getaway, prepare a special dinner (or order takeout), light some candles, and enjoy each other's company over a delicious meal. You might follow with a movie you both like.


    Sleep in late

    Catch up on your sleep during your staycation. We don’t need to give you another excuse!


    Do a wine tasting (for adults)

    Do a wine tasting (for adults)

    Invite some friends over for an at-home wine tasting. Prepare a charcuterie board or other snacks to enjoy with the drinks.


    Explore a new part of your city

    There are probably many places in your city you’ve never been to. Pick one and turn it into an adventure.

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    Google free local events

    Chances are, there are free events near you. Search online for ideas like farmer’s markets or music shows that cost nothing to attend.


    Plan a beach day

    If you live near the ocean, go down to the beach for sand and sun.

    Just remember to protect your skin! Don’t run the risk of sun-damaged skin and early aging. Sun exposure is responsible for 80 percent of visible aging signs on the face.


    Head out for a day trip

    When a full-scale vacation isn't possible, but you can still spend a little, consider a day trip. Drive somewhere close by but that’s new to you.


    Turn your backyard into a water park

    Inflatable pools, water slides, water balloons, squirt guns, and more can create a water park right in your yard.

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    If you’re feeling generous, consider giving back during your staycation. Volunteer some time at an animal shelter, library, or soup kitchen. You’ll feel great about helping others.

    Have fun during your staycation, and don’t forget to take pictures! If you need more ideas for pampering at home, shop FRANZ Skincare’s biotech beauty products that combine solid science with amazing nature.