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9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines - Franz Skincare USA

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Did you know that Botox — yes, the Botox people use to look younger— is a toxin? It comes from the microbe that causes food poisoning, and it works by blocking the chemical signals that cause your face muscles to contract. While Botox works to smooth out lines and wrinkles, many people are turned off by the needles, toxin ingredients, or cost involved. Plus, you have to keep going back to maintain the look Botox creates, which means regular expensive treatments and ongoing appointments.

Believe it or not, there are natural alternatives to botox if you want to avoid injections. Whether you’re looking for a more natural approach, want to save money, or have other (completely justified) reasons for avoiding Botox, the best alternative options are below.

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What are the best natural alternatives to botox?

Here are some of the best botox alternatives available today. Keep in mind that some are better than others if you’re looking for non-invasive and affordable options. We’ll let you know the pros and cons of each alternative.

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines



People have long used acupuncture — inserting tiny needles into specific points on your skin — for various conditions like headaches, neck pain, allergies, and depression.

Turning to acupuncture for anti-aging is relatively new, and the research is minimal. One pilot study showed potential improvements in facial elasticity, but we’ll need more studies to know the for-sure benefits.

Although acupuncture is natural, it is more invasive than other anti-aging methods. It can also be pricey, especially if you’re using it for wrinkles and fine lines. You’ll need to find an acupuncturist who understands the process for anti-aging.

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Frownies face patches

Frownies are stick-on face patches. The idea is that you apply them to areas on your face where you have wrinkles or are worried about getting wrinkles.

According to Cleveland Clinic, we get wrinkles because of sun damage, less moisture retention with aging, smoking, and facial muscle contractions. Frownies are meant to address muscle movements that may lead to wrinkling. Instead of “freezing” the muscles with Botox, you keep them from contracting with these patches.

Frownies are non-invasive and inexpensive, which are two points in their favor. 

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Microcurrent Face Masks

At Franz, we understand the significance of skincare rituals for both self-care and anti-aging measures. We also know that many anti-aging methods are costly and invasive, and scheduling appointments is tedious. That’s why we created the world’s first microcurrent non-invasive facelift at home.

Our microcurrent face masks use award-winning Tissue X® technology to create tiny, rejuvenating waves across your face. At the same time, the masks release anti-aging and hydration ingredients that penetrate your skin six times deeper than topical face masks. The benefits of Tissue X® have been proven through publication in renowned international journals.

Microcurrent facials often use small electrical pulses to tone, tighten, and smooth the face muscles. Our microcurrent dual masks utilize the same process but without any needles or electricity.

You can give yourself a facelift, addressing fine lines and wrinkles while deeply hydrating your skin from the comfort of your own home. The masks come in three varieties:

For best results as a natural alternative to botox, use the mask twice a week for the first two weeks, then once a week for maintenance.

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Anti-aging face creams

There are many different face creams for fine lines and wrinkles, but not all are created equal. You’ll find very cheap creams with ingredients that don’t fit the claims on the label, but there are also over-priced creams that don’t cut it either.

How do you know what to choose? Start by looking at the ingredients. Quality anti-aging face creams for wrinkles will contain deeply hydrating ingredients and components that encourage collagen production. 

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9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Chemical peels

During a chemical peel, a technician applies a chemical exfoliant to your skin. Over time, the top layer of your skin sloughs off to reveal new skin underneath. Many people get chemical peels for acne or discoloration, but they can also be used for signs of aging.

The results of chemical peels take time. You might have sensitive, red, or swollen skin before it gets better. It’s best to speak with a dermatologist about your skin concerns, and they can help you decide if a chemical peel is worth it.

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Face serums or ampoules

Face serums help address and prevent early aging signs by hydrating, plumping, brightening, and repairing the skin on your face.

Serums are like a shot of moisture and nutrition for your skin, and you can typically use them twice daily. Ampoules are a more potent version of a serum. Either (or both) is highly recommended for a regular anti-aging skin care routine.

If you want to treat your skin from the ground up and avoid Botox, we recommend a good face serum and stem cell ampoule combo after face washes and before applying moisturizer. Just check the ingredients and make sure the product claims match your skin concerns.

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9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Face-saver balls

Fitness trainer Yamuna created face-saver balls that are supposed to stimulate your facial bones to help skin sagging, work out the muscles of your face, and improve circulation.

While these balls sound interesting, we couldn’t find any research to back up the claims. It does seem like you can purchase the ball once and use it for a long time, though.

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Cryofacial treatments

One of the more bizarre natural alternatives to Botox is Cryofacial™, a type of cryotherapy for your face and neck. It’s an extremely cold facial that is claimed to “freeze” the skin and stimulate collagen production.

This method has been used more among celebrities and athletes, which is probably why it’s so pricey.

9 Natural Alternatives to Botox for Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Healthy lifestyle choices

Of course, the most natural anti-aging methods depend on how you live and treat your skin.

The above alternatives are about more immediate ways to address wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging, but don’t forget about your day-to-day choices, too:

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser day and night.
  • Moisturize regularly, and always wear sunscreen when you’re going to be outside.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Eat healthy skin foods, and don’t forget the best supplements for glowing skin.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Frown less.
  • Drink plenty of water.

High-quality skincare ingredients go a long way towards anti-aging prevention. Shop all of our skincare products at Franz Skincare today to treat your skin well.