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Celebrity Secrets: 3 Skin Care Products A-listers Want Now

May 28, 2020

Celebrities used to wear layers of makeup to show their glamorous and fascinating lifestyles. Those days are over since being minimalistic and focusing on self-care are becoming the new trends. Nowadays A-listers are paying extra attention to what they put on their faces and what they eat and drink because they no longer want to conceal their faces with too much makeup. 

While skincare alone can never replace makeup (or photo filters!!!), it is important for celebs to prep and prime their faces with the most flawless skin as much as possible. A decade ago, celebs went to their spas weekly or monthly to maintain their beautiful skin. Now they prefer to take care of their faces much more frequently so they are looking for additional tools and treatments in between spa visits so that they can really optimize their skin health.

On-the-go and innovative facial tools have been gaining much more attention in the last few years. They include micro-needles, jade rollers, metal facial devices. We have seen our favorite stars carrying LED facial tools in their gym bags, using jade rollers on their way to the TSA at the airport, and micro needling their faces while waiting on the set. Doctors and skincare companies around the world claim that these tools help celebs to lift their sagging skin, reduce the look of fine lines, and diminish dark eye circles and puffiness. 

At-home tools that require more application efforts are useful as well. Several electronic facial devices, such as steamers, LED energy-powered facial masks and temperature-enhanced rollers have been frequently mentioned by A-listers. They enjoy using these tools at the comfort of their homes.

The Days of Facial Devices Are… Over!

In the past, the only way to ensure ingredients absorbed from the outer skin and into the inner skin was often through painful and expensive dermatological treatments or self-serve devices.

Who wants to save time, efforts and energy in maintaining their skin?

And… who has time to visit the spa or the dermatologist office every week?

The newest Hollywood skincare secret is Franz Skincare at the comfort of your own home, device-free!


Founded in 2013, Franz Skincare is the only beauty company that has the patentedTissue X™ Technology  the first of its kind non-invasive transdermal drug delivery technology that can be used at the comfort of your home without the hassle of devices and practitioner assistance.Tissue X™ Technology is a one-of-a-kind skin absorption enhancement technology developed by FRANZ researchers, that has been tested and proven by top scientists through renowned academic journals.


Franz Premium Dual Face Mask System

As the first microcurrent facial mask with patented Tissue X™ Technology, award-winning Franz Premium Dual Face Mask System delivers potent, active ingredients to all layers of the skin without additional device, equipment or electricity. The results of age-prevention, brightening, hydration and anti-dullness that are clinically-proven by top bio-science institutes, including Seoul National University and Samsung Hospital. 

Celebrities are raving about Franz Skincare Premium Dual Face Mask because they serve as the perfect primer before they walk on the red carpet. They enjoy revealing their dewy and radiant skin without too much effort and time!

Wrinkle Away Red Dual Eye Mask Systems

The first sign of aging appears around the eye area. The Franz Wrinkle Away Red Dual Eye Mask is the perfect addition to any eye treatment and regimen. Concentrated ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, folic acid, multi-peptides and ceramide are delivered to the deepest layer of skin, powered by Franz' patented Tissue X™ Technology.

Wrinkle Away Red Duel Eye Mask solves multiple issues around the eyes which includes:

  • Diminishing the look of puffiness
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps restore the look of suppleness  

This anti-aging product not only treats wrinkles but will also allow your eyes to look more defined and revitalized after just one treatment with Franz Skincare!


Franz Neck Dual Microcurrent Mask System

Celebrities put their best skin forward at every event. Overtime, they learn that their neck lines are showing even after they conceal their skin with cosmetics. In addition to taking care of their faces, they sought out skin care items that would enhance their necks and hands for any photo opportunities.  

Franz Neck Dual Microcurrent Maskcomes in handy for the most convenient, and effective anti-aging results. Densely packed with collagen and powerful ingredients, this mask instantly soothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles on the neck area. Skin appears to be much brighter, revitalized, hydrated — one of the best wrinkle treatments for your neck! 

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