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Your Official Galentine Gift Guide

Your Official Galentine Gift Guide - Franz Skincare USA

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14 Gifts Your Galentine Will Love For Under $100

Valentine’s Day may be for lovers, but Galentine’s Day is for everyone else.

Gifts Your Galentine Will Love

What is Galentine’s Day?

Typically celebrated by women and their friends, it’s a great day to celebrate the “gal pals”in your life. Gal + Valentine = Galentine! The heart of this fun holiday is celebrating female friendships and the appreciation you have for your lady friends.

How did Galentine’s Day Start?

This fake holiday is only about a decade old and started by a character, Leslie Knope, on the show Parks and Recreation in 2010. Leslie used the day before Valentine’s Day, February 13th, to take her favorite lady friends out to a waffle-centric brunch and give them thoughtful gifts. This made up holiday quickly gaining popularity and now many people prefer a Galentine Day party over the traditional one on the calendar.

How should I celebrate Galentine’s Day?

While this holiday is completely made up, this holiday to celebrate the women in your life is something we could completely get behind. Having a virtual brunch with your friends, sending them a thoughtful card, or just calling them to tell them how much you appreciate them are all good ways to celebrate.

Is Galentine’s Day a gifting holiday?

It can be! If you love giving gifts like we do, and want to celebrate your best friend, sister, favorite-coworker, mother, or any other person who puts the “gal” in Galentine, we’ve got a gift guide sure to delight and fit any budget.

Our Top Gift Ideas for Galentine's Day 2021

4K Gold Double Hoop Earring - $49

For a gift that spans ages, styles, and personalities, a thoughtful pair of versatile earrings are always a win. These dainty, effortless hoops are a twist on a timeless look, sure to work with anyone’s style. With 14K gold plating, they’re built to last without breaking the bank.

14K Gold Double Hoop Earring

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb - $7.25

If the idea of a warm bath, good book, and a glass of wine is your giftee’s favorite evening, a bath bomb will do the trick. Shaped like a heart and filled with rose absolute, precious orris root and romantic rosebuds, this lovely little bath bomb will delight its receiver from the moment it hits the water.

Bath Bomb Tisty Tosty

Eucalyptus and Dried Lavender Bouquet - $25

When your giftee hangs this bouquet in their shower, they’ll experience botanical heaven. The steam from their shower activates the oil, filling their bathroom with therapeutic aroma. If you are feeling crafty, this is an easy DIY option to make yourself for all your favorite Galentines.

Eucalyptus and Dried Lavender bouquet

Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream - $75

If skincare is your giftee’s passion, this gift is sure to delight. This silky rose cream is a velvety daily treat for your giftee’s face as it hydrates, moisturizes and soothes. It’s our favorite twist on a classic bouquet of roses (and lasts longer!).

FLEURSHADOW Candle - $39

This limited edition candle looks as good as it smells. With notes of incense, wild geranium, rose absolute, violet headspace, patchouli, labdanum and benzoin, this candle says “ignite the floral nature of FLEURSHADOW and liberate your love” - perfect for the holiday.


Le Creuset Whistling Kettle - $100

If your giftee can’t get through the day without their cup of tea, they’ll adore this charming tea kettle that is both form and function by Le Creuset. Bonus: it comes in three colors to fit your giftee’s personality and design aesthetic.

Le Creuset Whistling Kettle

Radiant Cut Glassware - $50

If your giftee makes a great signature cocktail, try these stunning gold rimmed glasses with intricately cut details and raised texture. Every day will seem like a reason to celebrate with these gorgeous glasses.

 Radiant Cut Glassware

WAFT Custom Perfume - $59

Does your giftee need a signature scent all their own? Are there fragrance notes they just can’t get enough of? Do you have a nose for incredible scent combinations? Create them a custom scent. With the help of one of WAFT’s perfumers, you can’t go wrong. Plus, you get to even customize the bottle.

WAFT Custom Fragrance


Almost Lipstick - $20

This universally flattering almost lipstick adds a sheer flush of color to compliment any skin tone, making it a gift that doesn’t miss. Whether they’re a makeup guru, or just prefer a simple pop of color, this “almost” lipstick is the perfect tint.

CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick

SAINT 21 Gold Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask - $100

The world’s first microcurrent face mask, this is the gold standard in anti-aging skincare. With its gorgeous and functional luxe gold coating, your giftee with feel glamorous from the moment they it on, til the moment they see the immediate effects of the mask.

Accordion Travel Wallet - $75

This travel wallet made of pebbled leather comes in 5 colors and is perfect for any giftee on the go. Great for passport, cards, and cash - this wallet is a classic.

SAINT 21 Gold Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

Sereni Tea Set of 3 Chocolate Bars - $30.00

For the giftee with exceptional taste (and a love for chocolate), this set of three chocolate bars infused with tea flavors is a unique treat. Earl Grey, Matcha White, and Lemon Green Tea are a sophisticated treat.

Sereni Tea Set of 3 Chocolate Bars SUGARFINA

Enamel Heart Chain Friendship Bracelet Set - $26

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days of friendship bracelets, this sweet set by Madewell is an elegant upgrade from the ones you made at camp. The sentiment hasn’t changed though, and the receiver is sure to be tickled.

Enamel Heart Chain Friendship Bracelet Set

Compact Pocket Mirror Custom Zodiac - $41.38

For the Zodiac obsessed, this sweet compact mirror is handmade, customizable, and comes in seven colors. This unique mirror is functional, gorgeous, and a gift they’ll love showing off.

Compact Pocket Mirror Custom Zodiac - Personalised Birthday Gift For Wife, Girlfriend Or Best Friend - Romantic Gift For Her

Whether you observe Galentine’s Day the day before Valentine’s Day or just want to celebrate the women in your life on February 14th, we just love seeing ladies celebrating ladies.