Applying the FRANZ Dual Sheet Mask System

How the FRANZ Facial Mask is different from a regular Sheet Mask

Franz Dual Mask System - Enriching Wet Mask + Microcurrent Mask

Welcome to your at-home spa, your no needles or downtime facelift. Our microcurrent dual facial masks are clinically proven to tighten, tone and even your skin tone to visibly reduce the signs of aging. Each component works together to deliver a boost of anti-aging, hydrating nutrients 6x deeper to your inner skin with our Tissue X™ microcurrent technology. For optimal results, mask twice a week for two weeks then for long term maintenance continue just once a week. Pro tip- apply our masks before an event or in the morning for a quick glow up! 

Our Recommendation for an Anti-Aging Sheet Mask

We recommend Saint 21 Gold Microcurrent Dual Facial Mask for deep anti-aging and hydration.

Our Recommendation for a Preventative Care Sheet Mask

If you are noticing the first signs of aging or dark spots try the Premium Microcurrent Dual Facial Mask, it is perfect for preventative care.

How to use the two facial masks in the FRANZ Dual Mask System

How Our Dual Sheet Mask with Tissue X™ Microcurrent Technology Works

  • Enriching Mask - this wet facial mask is applied directly to your skin. It contains premium ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, ceramides, vitamins, peptides, and other skin regenerative ingredients. Step 1 below.
  • Mask Boosting Essence - this is the serum to activate the microcurrent empowering mask (this is the top mask that has the silver grid). This booster the what goes into the two rectangles on the top mask. Step 2 below.
  • The IonCell - this generates natural electricity using "blue energy" technology. It produces the microcurrent throughout the top mask.
  • Empowering Mask - this is the top mask with a silver grid. This mask uses patented Tissue X™ microcurrent technology to help deliver the ingredients in the wet mask. This technology create tiny waves across skin, letting the mask’s essences go 6x deeper than the leading face mask* for max results. Note:  Place the mask with the white rectangles are facing out. Tip- Start at the nose and work your way out to ensure proper alignment. 
How Our Dual Sheet Mask with Tissue X™ Microcurrent Technology Works

How to Apply The FRANZ Dual Sheet Mask System

Step 1 - Apply the Facial Sheet Mask

  • Apply the wet Enriching Facial Sheet Mask onto your cleansed face.

Step 2 - Add Boosting Essence (ELIXIR) to Sheet Mask

  • Take the Empowering Mask out of its pouch.
  • Press firmly on the enclosed Boosting Essence (Elixir) and drop the liquid on the back of the two white square ion cells on each side of the Empowering Mask.
  • Make sure liquid is fully absorbed into each ion cell.

Add Boosting Essence (ELIXIR) to Sheet Mask

Step 3 - Place the Activated Empowering Sheet Mask ON TOP of the Enriching Mask

  • Overlay the activated Empowering Mask over the wet Enriching Mask and pat gently with your fingers to make sure the two masks are sealed tightly. (The small ion cells on the Empowering Mask should be facing out.)
  • Relax for 20-25 minutes.

Overlay the activated Empowering Mask onto the wet Enriching Mask and pat gently with your fingers to make sure the two masks are sealed tightly

Step 4 - MASSAGE

Remove both masks and gently massage your skin. Do not wash out.Massage your face after using our facial sheet mask