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  • LAYERS: How Our Products Work Together to Penetrate Deep into Your Skin

    LAYERS: How Our Products Work Together to Penetrate Deep into Your Skin

    Whether you’re making a 7-layer dip for a potluck or putting together an outfit for a cold winter day, layers are important! Layering is particularly important when it comes to skincare where layers are the key to getting the best results from your skincare routine.

    Korean skincare traditionally involves layers of skincare to achieve flawless skin. Building on the tradition of layers, Franz takes this Korean skincare practice a step further by not only using product layering to promote flawless skin but focusing on the delivery of the products deep into the innermost layers of the skin where long-term skin reconstruction and regeneration occurs.

  • Delivering Lasting Results

    When it comes to skincare, topical delivery methods only scratch the surface and do not offer lasting results. Realizing the need for a more effective delivery method that didn’t involve the cost, pain and hassle of clinical procedures, Franz Skincare developed their patented unique transdermal delivery process called “Tissue X® Microcurrent Technology which has opened up new horizons when it comes to addressing and solving various skin concerns and needs, all from the comfort of home.

  • Microcurrent Mask-Up

    Microcurrent Mask-Up

    Dubbed “a game changer” in the world of skincare, Franz Skincare’s unique transdermal delivery process, which is found in their Microcurrent Masks, allows skincare ingredients to penetrate 6x’s deeper into the layers of the skin than regular sheet masks.

    When used in conjunction with Franz Skincare’s expertly crafted skincare formulations, Franz Microcurrent Masks guarantee that the nourishing and reparative ingredients in their products are not just sitting on the surface of the skin but are reaching the inner most layers of your skin where long-term reconstruction and regeneration occurs.

    Two Layers Are Better Than One

    To further enhance the benefits of layering, Franz Skincare provides a Microcurrent Dual Mask system. This system provides 2 masks: a nutrient rich, wet Enriching Mask along with a Microcurrent Empowering Mask. When the Empowering Mask is layered on top of the Enriching mask it results in a skincare treatment that dives deep into the inner layers of the skin to deliver lasting, noticeable results.

    Franz Microcurrent Dual Masks are currently available in facial masks, neck masks, and eye masks to lift, tighten, and firm all skin types in just 2 weeks!

  • Layer Up

    Layer Up

    When using Franz Microcurrent Dual Mask system, it is recommended that you layer up with one or more of Franz specially formulated Boosting Essence Serums for the best results.

    Franz Serums are specially formulated with a Hyaluronic Acid Complex with varying sizes of Hyaluronic Acid molecules. The different sizes allow for the deeper layers of the skin to absorb these ultra-hydrating molecules. To put it simply, the surface of the skin can handle larger molecules, but deeper layers of your skin require smaller molecules. The inner, deep layers of your skin is where all long-term, meaningful repair happens. By having these differing sizes, all skin types will feel hydrated, all the way to the inner layers.

  • Seal in the benefits

    Seal in the benefits

    The last step in Franz skincare layering process is to seal in the benefits!
    This is achieved in a couple of ways:

    Ceramides - Found in their essence boosting serums, these lipids form a protective layer that locks in moisture + protects against visible damage from pollution and other environmental stressors.

    Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream - A silky, lightweight moisturizer that seals in the layering benefits of Franz Skincare Solutions and strengthens the skin barrier with a nutrient-rich formula that visibly plumps and smooths skin and provides an instant glow.

    Whether you are looking for an effective anti-aging regimen or trying to treat specific issues, Franz Skincare formulas and microcurrent mask delivery system work together to go layers deep to deliver beautiful skin from the inside out!