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The Do’s and Don’ts of Microcurrent Therapy

The Do’s and Don’ts of Microcurrent Therapy - Franz Skincare USA

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If you’re new to the world of microcurrent therapy, you may find yourself overwhelmed with information about how to properly do microcurrent treatments. Before you do your first microcurrent therapy session, check out what you should do and what you shouldn’t do in order to have the best experience.

The Do’s of Microcurrent Therapy

First, let’s start with what you should do when you’re doing microcurrent therapy. These tips will help you have the best experience!

Make Sure You’re Hydrated

Our microcurrent therapy masks will help give you more hydration and circulation in the area you’re targeting, but it’s still important to make sure you are doing your part to be hydrated before doing your microcurrent treatment. Taking the time to make sure you’re drinking enough water will help ensure you’re getting the best circulation possible from the stimulation the water currents cause on your skin.

What About Franz Microcurrent Facials?

If you’re looking to focus on a particular aspect of your skincare, you should treat your skin between applications of your microcurrent mask in order to boost the results you will see. For example, if you’re focusing on anti-aging assistance, try applying our 101 Volumizing Anti-Aging Face Serum as a base on your skin before you apply your mask. This application will help you get more firmness and hydration in your skin’s treatment.

101 Volumizing Anti-Aging Face Serum

If you have really dry skin, use our Rose Quartz Moisturizing Cream as your daily moisturizer. This will help soothe any redness on your skin as well as help repair your skin, leaving it plump and radiant between microcurrent therapy treatments. Of course, we also have a product that will boost a little bit in every area, if you prefer that. Consider using our Everyday Essence Face Serum daily to help lock in moisture between your treatments!

Rose Quartz Moisturizing Cream

Keep Up with Treatment Maintenance

The best way to get the results you desire is to be consistent with your therapy sessions. For the Franz microcurrent facial masks, it’s recommended to do a treatment twice a week for the first two weeks and then do one weekly after to maintain your results. The more you do microcurrent treatments, the better your results will be, and the longer you will see the results you want!

If you’re opting for traditional microcurrent therapy, you should expect to visit your dermatologist every one to two months for treatment. The great news is that you can also use our microcurrent facial masks between your visits to the dermatologist in order to keep your results fresh in between sessions!

The Don’ts of Microcurrent Therapy

When it comes to traditional microcurrent therapy, there are some things you also need to know to avoid before you consider taking part in a therapy session. Let’s look at some of those now!

Don’t Apply Microcurrent to Your Thyroid Area

While electric microcurrent is safe on your neck in general and can be beneficial to the area, it’s important to avoid applying microcurrent therapy to the part of your neck where your thyroid is located. If microcurrent therapy is applied in this area, it can cause an overstimulation of your thyroid. Overstimulating your thyroid can lead to a variety of hormone imbalances, including ones that are connected to weight, fertility, and fatigue. That’s why it’s best to steer clear of the area entirely!

Don’t Undergo Microcurrent Therapy if You Have Certain Medical Conditions

Due to the nature of traditional microcurrent therapy and the use of electric currents, there are certain medical conditions that are not safe to be exposed to microcurrent therapy. Therefore, if you have one of the following conditions, don’t take part in any microcurrent therapy.

  • Electrical implant device such as a pacemaker: the electric current from the microcurrent therapy can interfere with the electric current of the pacemaker

  • Epilepsy or history of seizures: microcurrent therapy could potentially offset the balance of your brain’s electrical currents, which could set off a seizure in those prone to them.

  • Cancer: If you’re currently fighting cancer, you shouldn’t take part in microcurrent therapy because it can offset the energy of cells that are already weakened, causing further complications.

  • Pregnancy: There hasn’t been enough research to know if traditional microcurrent therapy is safe for your unborn child, so it’s best to avoid this therapy completely while pregnant.

  • Heart conditions: microcurrent therapy could possibly cause heart palpitations, so it’s best to avoid the therapy if you have an existing heart condition.

  • Diabetes: You must receive clearance from your medical professional to undergo traditional microcurrent therapy if you are diabetic. There isn’t enough research to deem it a safe therapy to use, though some research shows it could be safe at a lower dose.

  • Recent surgery: It’s best to avoid microcurrent therapy while you are healing from recent surgery, especially if the surgery was in the same location you plan to receive the therapy. Receiving microcurrent therapy before you have fully healed may slow down or complicate your healing process.

  • Open sores: If you have a large number of open sores, such as acne, in the area you plan to receive microcurrent therapy, it’s best to wait until they have healed before going through the traditional therapy. Electrical treatments don’t do well with open sores and can cause further irritation.

  • Metal implants: If you have any type of metal implants, such as a knee or hip replacement, you should avoid traditional microcurrent therapies. There are concerns that the electrical currents can warm up the metal implants, causing damage to them and the tissue surrounding them.

The good news is that for almost all of these conditions, you can use Franz microcurrent therapies because they use water and not electricity. For most of these conditions, the issue at hand is the electrical current. Taking away the electricity and replacing it with water makes it much safer in almost every situation. Of course, we recommend talking to your doctor before trying out our treatments!


Microcurrent therapy can be incredibly beneficial to your skin, but it’s important to know how to use it correctly. Franz microcurrent therapies use water instead of electricity, making them much safer to use for almost everyone. If you have any doubt, reach out to your physician for advice before trying out microcurrent therapy!

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