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The Summer Skincare Routine You Need to be Using In 2022

The Summer Skincare Routine You Need to be Using In 2022 - Franz Skincare USA

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Summer is almost here and that means we can start looking forward to amazing weather, short shorts, and tanning!
While you're getting ready for vacation, beach days, and fun in the sun, it’s also important to concentrate on shifting your skincare regimen. While we all know that adding in SPF is essential, it isn’t the only item you need to round out your skincare routine to create a moisturized and protected glow.

During the summer, your skin is subjected to a great deal of stress. This might be due to overexposure to UV radiation or discomfort from salty beach waters and chlorinated pools. The heat and humidity of the sun can also cause your skin to feel greasy all day. All of this means that you must take extra steps to maintain healthy, zit-free skin through the next several hot months.

We've compiled a list of items you MUST include in your skincare routine this summer to guarantee that you're not only looking amazing but also feeling amazing!
Find out our must-follow skincare routine for the upcoming summer season below.

Your Summer 2022 Routine Simplified

As we all may already know, SPF is a major must-have during the hot summer months. Make sure to finish off your morning summer skincare routine with SPF. The sun's harmful UV rays may degrade your skin's elastin, leaving it dry and lifeless, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. However, for those of us who are looking for a more detailed summer routine,
let’s get into it!

1. Start off your routine with a simple, yet effective cleanser

Your summer skincare routine should always start off with a cleanser. The hot summer sun leaves us all sweating more than usual. It is essential that all that dirt and makeup has been removed from your face before using any serums and creams.
Your face cleanser doesn't have to be flashy or super expensive, but it should always be soothing and should have high-quality ingredients. Since it’s the first step in your skincare routine, your cleanser serves as the basis for the rest of your routine.

It should effectively remove sweat and oil without being too harsh on the skin. Otherwise, you’ll be left dealing with a dehydrated complexion. Cleansers enriched with nutritious and skin-strengthening ingredients are ideal for keeping your skin looking and feeling bright.

2. Exfoliate your skin to remove clogged pores

During the summer, exfoliation is vital to having a glowing complexion. In the summer, we’re outside much longer and that means that our skin is exposed to harsh elements way more than during the winter season. This might result in blocked and congested pores due to oil, sweating, or bacteria build-up on the skin. Exfoliating is a great technique to cleanse your congested skin to unveil your most stunning complexion.

You can achieve exfoliation through either manual or chemical methods. Manual exfoliation involves the use of any solution containing small grains to physically scrub your skin free of dirt. Chemical exfoliants are acids that remove dead skin cells, these include treatments that have AHAs and BHAs in their ingredients list. Chemical exfoliation removes the top layer of skin, revealing the younger-looking skin underneath. It is also a less harsh way to exfoliate compared to manually scrubbing the skin.

3. Use a lightweight serum to smooth and hydrate the skin

Serums and essences are the foundation of every skincare regimen. While they may not be on everyone's list of essential skincare items, they do provide additional advantages to round out any beauty regimen. Incorporating a breathable and light serum into your skincare regime will help you improve your skin's appearance this summer.

The FRANZ Everyday Essence Face Serum is an excellent choice for something lighter without compromising on hydration and high-quality ingredients. Our Everyday Essence is a lightweight gel-like serum that instantly absorbs to provide four levels of hydration for smoother, suppler, more radiant skin. This serum is also formulated with hyaluronic acid complex, ceramides, antioxidants, and antimicrobial minerals. Our trademark hydration booster works day by day to provide long-term skin change.

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4. Instead of using a heavy cream under your eyes, use a serum

Eye creams are a staple in every skincare regimen, especially when it comes to removing puffiness and preventing crow's feet and fine lines. However, eye creams might be overly hydrating and heavy during the hot summer months. With a thick cream, you'll have sweaty, greasy lids all day long. Instead, try something different and go for a lighter eye serum.
With a breathable formulation, you won’t feel like your eyelids look greasy.

Check out the Botalin Age Repair Eye Serum for a gentler eye treatment. The Botalin Age Repair is a daily eye treatment that dramatically smoothes and plumps the skin beneath and around your eyes. The lightweight formulation allows for immediate absorption into the creases of the eye region.
By firming, tightening, and brightening the sensitive eye region, it profoundly moisturizes and restores for youthful-looking skin.

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5. Use a nourishing cream to hydrate your skin before bed

After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, there’s nothing your skin needs more than moisture. Without enough hydration, our skin begins to look dry, patchy, and fine lines begin to show even more. Because summer days can be exceedingly hot and humid, the ideal time to apply nourishing creams is at night.

The FRANZ Rose Quartz Moisturizing Face Cream provides deep hydration leaving your skin soft and luminous. Rosewater, rose flower oil, and Centella Asiatica extract are key components that work together to minimize symptoms of aging and bring out your skin's natural radiance.

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If you really want to kick things up a notch, add some more nourishment right before bed by applying the Premium Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask before your moisturizer.
Our dual masks have been shown in clinical studies to tighten, tone, and even out skin tone. Multi-masking is important because the masks work together to deliver anti-aging, moisturizing nutrients that penetrate deep inside, thanks to our Tissue X® microcurrent technology.

When the moisturizer is applied after using the dual mask, the end result is skin that is deeply moisturized and hydrated. You’ll wake up with the best glowing skin of your life by following through with this amazing summer skincare routine!

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